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THE WATERFALL              

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Average Water Usage

In the US,it has been reported that the average family of four uses about 140,000 gallons of water a year.  

Experience with our customers suggests that it is far more normal to have annual use between 80,000 and 100,000 gallons in a household.  We suspect our customers are more conscious of water usage, and the importance of saving water. 

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New Chloramine Site

Some areas, including San Francisco and Vermont are adding chloramine to the municipal water supply now.  They add ammonia which 'fixes' the chlorine so that it doesn't break down so easily.  By definition, this means it is harder to remove too.

We've found a new site that is collecting and sharing information on the issue.

It's a useful site, but don't believe what they tell you about how much you have to spend to get an effective whole house filter.  It's pure bunk.

You might want to check with your water supply organization to see if there is chloramine in your water.

Here's a fluoride + chloramine kitchen filter.  Both contaminants require focused filter media to remove, so this requires a 3-canister unit.  Up to 95% of the chloramine is removed, and fluoride starts at 96%.  Chloramine is filtered by both kdf 85 and catalytic carbon.  

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Here is a whole house 1-tank chloramine plus system tested in the lab to eliminate chloramines!


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More Fluoride Health Risks

article in says:

"This common additive to your water supply, and ingredient in the toothpaste you and your children use may be contributing to the increased rates of hypothyroidism -- and other health concerns -- in the U.S. . . without improving dental health."

At, thyroid health is the most frequent health issue people call us about regarding fluoride now. But it isn't the only one. People find us or are sent to us for health concerns including cancer, bones and symptoms that mimic arthritis, too. A couple of our customers had so many health problems from fluoride that they became bed-ridden. They are doing much better now. One fellow paid the $385 to get a good fluoride tester for his house.  He reports that he gets 0 fluoride in the water that has gone through our fluoride plus filter.

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