Chlorine In Your Drinking Water.

The health risks of drinking chlorine

Disinfecting our water supplies with chlorine has many desirable effects.  Water-borne diseases like typhoid have virtually been eliminated by disinfecting water.  This is great.

However, that does not mean that it is a good idea to drink or absorb chlorine through your shower and bath water, or breathe it from the air as it releases when you shower. Free chlorine is a poison appropriately used to kill living things. Drinking it, and absorbing it though the air and water in showering and bathing, seems like a bad idea to us.

A study published in the November 2006 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology has reported a link between exposure to chlorinated water and an increased risk of bladder cancer. According to researchers, ingestion of, and bathing, showering, and swimming in chlorinated water can all lead to increased incidence of cancer.

The results of that study showed that drinking highly chlorinated water raised the cancer risk by 35 percent and that swimming in chlorinated pools raised the risk by 57 percent. Those who took longer showers and baths in THM-contaminated water saw their risk of bladder cancer increase 83 percent.

The EPA requires that drinking water leaving a water treatment plant contains a residual chlorine level of not more than 4 parts per million and that drinking water at the tap have a measurable level of chlorine.  This is to kill any pathogens entering into the drinking water during its journey from the treatment plant to the tap.

There are scientific studies that suggest chlorine is a carcinogen.  As we have noted, the disinfecting that chlorine does is important.  However, the 1992 Science News had an article about possible connections between chlorine and cancer.

Many people now take probiotic supplements for gut health.  Chlorine kills probiotics in your body.  Maintaining natural health is usually the best option.  This is one example of why drinking chlorine may not be a good idea.

Just because chlorine serves a purpose doesn’t mean you should drink it or adsorb it.  If you would like to remove chlorine from your shower, bath and drinking water, the shower filters, bath filters and whole house filters we provide will do that.

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