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Keep your home and family safe by removing the chloramine from your water with chloramine water filters from Friends of Water.Chlorine or Chloramine Garden Water Filter replacement

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Some areas now add ammonia to the municipal water supply.  They are doing this for two reasons.  The first is in recognition of some scientific study results indicating that byproducts of chlorine are carcinogenic.  The other is that adding ammonia changes the chemistry of chlorine so that it continues to serve as a disinfectant, but in its new form lasts much longer.  Ammonia and chlorine form chloramines.  By definition, chloramine is considerably harder to remove than chlorine.

Our kitchen chloramine water filters will take out the contaminants very effectively, and leave trace elements the body needs in the water.  As an example of the positive impact on health you can get by using our filters, please read about FPIES on our Fluoride Risks page, and read reviews on the products themselves.

The main point isn’t about whether you have a particular health issue or not.  The main point is that we all should be drinking healthy water.  You can have it with filters from Friends of Water.

Chloramine is most efficiently filtered out by the combined use of FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf-85 and granulated catalytic carbon, both of which are used in our chloramine water filter.  There is plenty on the web to say carbon can filter it out. But carbon alone will not do nearly as much filtering as when it is combined with kdf-85.  To say it another way, you need far more catalytic carbon than fits in a canister to do the job if it isn’t combined with FOAM kdf.

Please see the factory tests for chloramine removal with this whole house chloramine tank. Kitchen chloramine filters will deliver similar results as the media is used in the amounts appropriate to the water flow.

Every one of our kitchen canister chloramine water filters removes hundreds of contaminants including chlorine, organic-based contaminants like hormones, chemical-based drugs, lead, heavy metals, chlorination by-products like trihalomethanes, and pesticides.  Filtration happens in much the same way that Mother Earth uses the minerals in the rocks and ground to clean water as it runs through to the aquifers.

You won’t find more effective chloramine water filters anywhere.



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