Certifications + Test Results

Media Certifications

Used in Kitchen Canister Filters, Shower & Bath Filters, Garden Filters and Whole House Filters

All of the filter media used have been certified, and are combined in the most effective ways for each purpose in the amounts proportional to the application.  Every filter configuration has not been individually certified.  It is wasteful to get the same filter materials tested over and over.  This approach allows us to hold costs down for what we believe are the best water filters available.

The patent-processed foam filter materials in most of our filters increases contact time between water and filter material, resulting in an increase in filtration and effectiveness over a longer time.

CERTIFICATION links and downloads

NSF Certification kdf-55 & kdf-85  (link)

NSF-Certification Activated Alumina  (link)

NSF_Cert_Brimac_Bone_Char.pdf   (download)

NSF Certification Whole House Tanks  (download)

WQA 3-inch FOAM disk cert certificate (download)

WQA certification 4 inch FOAM disk (download)

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