Fluoride Removal Test Results

This is the summary data results from independent testing for fluoride removal for the calcium-based carbon, also known as bone char, used in the kitchen canister and the whole house filters we sell.

Please note that this test was done on water with levels of fluoride some 17 to 22 times what is normally found in municipal water!  Removal rate was shown starting at 96%!

Please understand that does not mean that you will get a 96% removal rate from your filter.  Rather, this establishes that this is a fantastic filter material for removing fluoride.  Water chemistry is very complex.  Different water in different situations will lead to variance in results.  Get filters with the best material you can!

Friends of Water is more impressed by actual customer experiences.  But if you are wondering if the material works to remove fluoride, this answers that in a dramatic fashion.

Testing by         Aquametrics

Auburn, WA

AMTEST           ID Number 12-A900751

                        Source Water

Contaminant    Level                Method            Date

Fluoride                17 mg/l               EPA 300           7/12/12


Contaminant    Level                Method            Date

Fluoride               .66 mg/l              EPA 300           7/12/12

This is remarkably effective and independently documented.

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