Whole House Water Filters

Friends of Water has been providing family water filters since January 2006.  We are an independent, family-owned business. Read More About Us. The whole house water filter options are variants of the same basic filters adapted to meet YOUR specific needs.  We do not offer many brands of water filters.  We prefer to offer only the best. To us, the best means that they:

  • Do what they are supposed to do
  • Are well-made and well-supported
  • Use the best technology
  • Are priced fairly and deliver a great value
  • Do not waste water

Free delivery of whole house filters in the US.  Return any product within 90 days for a full refund.  Plus manufacturer warranties.

All the whole house filters work on hundreds of contaminants.  To select the right one for your situation:  Is your water fluoridated?  Does your municipality use chlorine or chloramine?  These are the variables to sort by.  The other variable is the size of your home.  For more information, click on How To Choose a Whole House Filter. also the  Type of Filter right for you.

Whole house filters are assembled and air-tested on order.  This means time to ship varies.  Average is about a week.  

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