Clairify Whole House Fluoride Reduction AND Disinfection


Whole House Fluoride Reduction with the Clairify Quantum Disinfection

We have an exciting new option for increased whole house fluoride reduction.  This item is a Clairify 12 teamed with a 5-micron pre-filter.  5 micron filtration is required for the Platinum material to work properly for fluoride and disinfection.

The Platinum (Clairify) works very effectively against fluoride.  It is also a Quantum Disinfection product (click the link to learn more about Quantum Disinfection) that has been designed, proven effective, certified, and marketed as a disinfection material – replacing the need for chlorination.  That application is most useful for well water with bacteria.

Works to Reduce Fluoride 

During the testing, it was learned that the Platinum also greatly reduces fluoride!  The media has not had the extensive testing and certification for fluoride removal that it has had for disinfection.  But if you are someone more impressed by results than certifications, this may be of interest.

The Platinum will reduce fluoride by at least .5 ppm for 200,000 gallons.  It varies, but most municipalities have fluoride at .7 to .8 ppm.  So taking out .5 ppm is a big reduction of a hard-to-filter material.  If you really are trying to get after fluoride at the whole house level, you can add this to one of our “Advanced Upgrade” Whole House Filters, to get the combined fluoride reduction impact from both the filter and the Platinum.

This application of the Platinum is designed to be combined with an Advanced Upgrade Whole House Filter.  Those Whole House Filters include a standard 20-micron pre-filter.  For the Platinum, a 5-micron pre-filter is needed.  When using a 5-micron filter, you want additional previous sediment filtration.  Without that, the 5-micron is apt to clog far too frequently.

Info about teaming with an Advanced Upgrade Whole House Filter. The Advanced Upgrade Whole House filter starts fluoride reduction at about 85%, and is estimated to trail down to about 35% over the life of the filter.  Follow that with the .5 ppm reduction by the Platinum, and normal municipal levels of fluoride will be removed.

This item includes a 10″ 5-micron Big Blue pre-filter and a Clairify 12.


Refills for 5-micron pre-filter.  Change once a year or if ever water flow slows.

Replacement info for Platinum will be added soon.


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