Chlorine Water Filters

Chlorine Water Filters

Chlorine as a Disinfectant

Many municipalities use chlorine to disinfect the water supply for their community.  Chlorine water filters can remove it before you ingest it, breath it in, or absorb it through your skin.  Chlorine kills a wide range of pathogens including bacteria and some viruses.  The introduction of chlorine as a disinfectant went a long way toward elimination of previously-common water-borne diseases like typhoid, dysentery and cholera.  Chlorine can also kill salmonella and e coli.  (Most strains of e coli are not harmful, but a few strains of e coli cause damage to the small intestine.) Exposure comes from contaminated food or water.  So that our water is disinfected is a very good thing.

Risks of Chlorine

However, chlorine works in these ways because it is designed to kill living things.  Therefore it seems logical to be careful about ingesting it, absorbing it through our skin, and breathing it in as it released into the air.  For information about the risks of chlorine, please go to our page on Chlorine in Your Drinking Water.

Filtering Chlorine

The good news is that chlorine is not one of the harder things to filter from our water.  Not all filters are created equal, but any good chlorine-removing filter is better than not having one.  However, pay attention to what you are buying or using.  There are water filters that work on the taste and odor of chlorine without actually rendering the chlorine harmless.  To use filters like this seems like one is just getting tricked or tricking themselves.

What Filters Out Chlorine?

Carbon is the most-widely used filter media for filtering out chlorine.  Carbon is good against chlorine.  But to do the job well, you must have enough quality carbon to do the job.  High flow rates mean you need more filtration capability.

KDF is a fantastic filter material that also filters chlorine, and much more.  When combined with carbon, chlorine will be reduced to a greater level than otherwise, given a comparable situation with similar levels of chlorine and flow rate.

The filters sold by Friends of Water use kdf that has been processed using a patented method that greatly increases the effectiveness of this great media.  In shower filters, and in the Small Alternative Whole House filters, additional media have been processed using the Foam Advantage.

Chlorine Shower Filters

There are many shower filters available to reduce chlorine.  As far as we can tell, they all reduce chlorine by at least 70%.  Friends of Water sells shower filters that have been tested to remove chlorine in normal home situations in the mid-90s percentage.  See the options by clicking these links into the online store.  Foam Advantage Shower Filter.  Pelican Shower Filters.

Bath Water Filters

We have chlorine bath filters too.  They are available in options with just FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf as the media, or with “dual media” which also includes FOAM ADVANTAGE carbon.  Both work great on chlorine.  The added carbon may also reduce other contaminants, in particular organic compounds.  How much additional is removed is hard to pin down.  However, as it only costs a little bit more, our thinking is why not get the dual media.  What is interesting is that the bath balls, which hang from the tub faucet, do not have to have all the water go through them to effectively remove chlorine.  The kdf releases healthy trace elements into the water that will do the job there.

Chlorine Kitchen Filters

All of the kitchen canister filters we sell virtually eliminate chlorine.  To filter out chlorine, and hundreds of other contaminants, some homes can do with just a single-canister filter.  Under-the-sink.  Countertop.

Added cartridges are for added issues, the most common being fluoride and chloramine. Please read the header at this section of the store to get oriented.  Kitchen Fluoride Water Filters.

Chlorine Whole House Filters

All our standard whole house filters will effectively remove chlorine from your whole home.  The right filters for your home depend upon what is in your water supply, and the size of your home and family.  See this page:  Whole House Water Filters.


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