Whole House Filters: How to Choose

How to Choose a Whole House Filter

It’s really not that hard friends!

This is for people on municipally-treated water, not wells.  If you have a well, get your water tested.

Step 1:-  Determine if your municipality uses chloramines or chlorine, AND if they add fluoride.
Do a web search for ” ‘your town + state’ annual water quality report” OR call the number on your water bill to ask them.

Based on the answer to those 2 questions:

Chlorine removal for whole house filters

Step 2:-
 If you have chlorine, not chloramines, and no fluoride, this is the best choice for larger homes:

2-media 1-tank Chlorine Plus.

b.  If you have chloramines (even some of the time) and no fluoride, this is the best choice for larger homes:

2-media 1-tank Chloramine Plus

c.  If you have Chlorine OR Chloramine AND Fluoride, select one of the 2 tank whole house filters that is described as filtering Fluoride.  See them on this page:

Whole House Filters
OR Get a whole house filter for chlorine or chloramines (linked above) and combine with this kitchen filter:
Fluoride Plus Kitchen 2-Canister
Look at your water bill to see how much water you use in a year.

Other Options:

SMALLER (and more frequent media changes)
Media lasts for 80,000 gallons.
Small Whole House Alternative


Learn more and see Options.

For more general information, please click on Water Filter FAQ.  Also Check Water Filter Certificates and Lab Test Results.



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