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Water Filter Material Certifications & Water Filter Tests


We provide a number of certifications and water filter tests results on the filter material and the filters we sell.  We would like you to understand however, that an over-reliance on these – from us or anybody – is a mistake.

Water chemistry is very complex.  Water testing is even more so.  Tests will give you some sense of things, but if you test the same water three times, you will get some variance in results.  Some of the very best filter materials unfortunately seem to make it even harder to get accurate test results. That is particularly true as regards getting accurate fluoride removal results. False positive results do happen. That’s not a good reason for us not to use the very best filter materials.

Certifications pretty much tell you that the media will reduce the contaminant in question, but the standards are low.  Certifications can tell you that nothing harmful is released into the water.  That’s of value.


In 2006, when we started this family business, what was popular was for water filter companies to show a chart of how their filter compared to several others.  How interesting that whichever company posted that chart always showed the best results!  That didn’t mean that they weren’t using real tests.  Rather it meant that they likely used controlled situations for testing, and selected the test results that looked best for them. They used a new filter, not one that had been in use for 5 months, etc.  That practice is used far less often now.  (No one ever compared theirs to the ones we sell, by the way.)


Now, particularly as parents are dealing with an alarming growth in sensitivities and allergies in their children, many folks are getting more and more into minutia.  We understand and are sympathetic to the motivation.

We are very happy to answer your questions.  That’s what we do.  It would be great if you reviewed the information under Education/Water Filters, and under specific products, as nearly every question is addressed there, including some you haven’t thought of yet.  By doing so you will learn about water issues, water filters, and Friends of Water.  One thing we don’t do is compare our filters with other specific brands and models for you.  We let others tell you about their filters.  We’ll tell you about ours.  Not only are we disinterested in ‘dueling filters’ but there is no way we could keep up with the hundreds of options available.  Also very few suppliers provide all the information that we do, making it hard to really know how they work and how well they work anyway.

Occasionally we hear from people who tell us that they have been shopping for many months, and some cases years, for the best filters. While we do believe that they have found them at Friends of Water, and are gratified to have them as customers, it’s sad that their families continued to use water containing things harmful to their health for so long.  With the exception of Reverse Osmosis and other filters that remove the trace elements that the body needs, and as long as you change filters when you should, almost any water filter will be better for your than having none.

We  are confident that our kitchen canister and whole house filters are the best and the best value. We handle a few types of shower filters because there are a few types that work really well.  We only offer one line of kitchen canister and whole house filters because we’ve never found others that are as good; although we have been offered the opportunity to sell other brands.  One of the key reasons we find these the best is patent-processed kdf.


The following comments reflect what is far more important than your chasing after a filter reported to remove 98% of something instead of one that claims 94%.  These are just examples.  The point is that the filters we sell remove the contaminants and leave healthy natural water. The result is improved health.

From a Naturopath:

“I see many clients with the worst of the worst health situations. They come to me because traditional medical methods do not work for them due to the synthetic nature. We support the body so the body can fix itself and see great recovery of all of them.

“We have found many discrepencies with Reverse Osmosis water, however, many clients with the most unhealthy systems come to me, specifically the children with FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome – roughly stated they’re allergic to the protein in food). These clients thrive on Friends Of Water filter systems.  I do know your system doesn’t change the molecular structure of water in a harmful manner while it removes the fluorine (in addition to other contaminants)- which is detrimental to their systems.

“….for example one FPIES child who is on a very strict and controlled GAPS diet did nothing else but switch to a Friends of Water filter and immediately saw massive changes. When she urinated the bathroom smelled so bad the mom nearly vomited. The speculation is once you stop putting the toxins in, specifically the fluorine, the toxins can be flushed out from your body.”

Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, CGP, D.PSc

From a customer with hyperthyroidism:

“…. about three months after [our Friends of Water filter] was installed we went on a family trip to go zip-lining. It turns out it wasn’t just zip-lining but a very intense obstacle course that you had to pass through first. I knew from my thyroid history that anytime I pushed myself that hard physically, I would be sick with flu-like symptoms within a couple days afterward. So we returned home, and I braced myself for the coming sick-time… but it never came! This “exercise causes sickness” had been repeated so many times over the past several years, you could literally set a watch to it, but now nothing! I had done intense exercise, and was not feeling any after effects at all!”                                      Robin

Get yourself kitchen or whole-house filters now that work well on all the categories of contaminants.  That way you are protected from the unexpected.  Make sure that if you have fluoride and/or chloramines, the filter you get works on that.

Friends of Water is happy to help you get the best filter for your water.  Please read product reviews on our site – on any of the filters.  They are all variants of the same basic filters, adapted to suit specific needs.  All the reviews speak to the quality of the products and service.

You are not just selecting a filter, you are selecting a vendor.  These years the biggest source of our new customers is referrals from existing customers.  That’s because we have the best filters and the best support.  We welcome you to become a Friend of Water, too.


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