Friends of Water has been providing family kitchen water filters since January 2006.  We are an independent, family-owned business. We could sell many types of filters. We provide a lot of options.  Those options are primarily to address different needs, not to offer many styles or makes of water filters. The reason is that we prefer to offer only the best. To us, the best means that they do what they are supposed to do, that they are well-made and well-backed, and that they are priced fairly and deliver a great value. The kitchen water filters we sell are made in the US, and fulfill all of these requirements.


If you get a filter from Friends of Water, we will take care of you.  Problems with the filters we sell are very rare. But if there is an issue, please let us know so we can resolve it for you.


For Kitchen Water Filters, the best are canister filters with cartridges using what we call classic filtration. That is, filters that work by combining the right filter materials so that filtration results from water running over and through the filters. This mimics the way Mother Earth filters, and results in the most natural, healthy water.

Kitchen Water Filters

Kitchen Water Filters

The biggest advantage over other types of kitchen filters is probably the FOAM ADVANTAGE. This is a patented process whereby the kdf media is powderized and shaped into disks. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the media while allowing a much smaller amount to be used. This in turn leaves more space in the cartridges for other filter media – which in turn further increases the filtration. In kitchen water filters, it is the kdf that is processed in this way, allowing more space for more granulated coconut carbon.

Kdf is particularly good at filtering chemically-based contaminants and heavy metals. Carbon is particularly good at filtering organic contaminants. With the use of FOAM ADVANTAGE on the kdf, both media will filter even more.


natural pool water filter

Foam Advantage Pool Skimmer Disk

There are many other advantages to the kitchen canister filters we sell. One is that you can configure your filter to specifically target what is actually in your water! There is no reason to use up filter space with media to do something that you don’t need done. All of the kitchen canister filters will remove over 600 contaminants. They work on the categories of chemical, organic, heavy metal and bacterial, as well as odor and taste. On a municipal system then, any of the kitchen canister filters will work for almost all contaminants. But we do need to know if your municipality uses chlorine or chloramine as the disinfectant, and if your water is fluoridated. With that info, we and you can know which filter configuration will be best for you. To learn the answer to these questions you can either call the number on your water bill and ask them, look up “your town and state annual water quality report”, or email us with the town and state in which you live and we can check it for you.  Please provide city or town and state, not zip code.

Chloramine filter cartridges use FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf and activated carbon. Each of these is the type proven most effective against chloramine. The version of kdf breaks the bond between chlorine and ammonia (ie. chloramine) allowing both to be far more rapidly and effectively filtered out. The use of carbon alone cannot come anywhere close to being this effective.

Kitchen Water Filters

Kitchen Water Filters 3-Canister Under-Sink

Fluoride filter cartridges use your choice between activated alumina or calcium-based carbon. Both are very effective and completely safe. We don’t recommend one over the other. While most cartridges need only be replaced once a year, fluoride cartridges should be changed every six months. The media is used up more quickly. Please don’t neglect this change if you want fluoride filtered out.

Since all the cartridges we sell fit every housing we sell, if your situation changes, you can change filter cartridges if you need to. For example, if you get a 3-canister pharmaceuticals plus unit and if your municipality later changes to chloramines, or you move, you can swap one of the wide-spectrum cartridges out for a chloramine cartridge. Similarly you can add a radiation, arsenic, hardness or other cartridge should you want to.


The water filtered by this classic method results in healthy natural water with the potentially harmful contaminants removed and the trace elements that the body needs still in the water.

We do not recommend nor sell Reverse Osmosis.  Although you’ll see it endlessly repeated on the web that they are the only way to filter lots of things, and best type of filters available, the facts don’t support those statements.  Please see Reverse Osmosis for more information on why we recommend against them.


All filters are available in under-the-sink or countertop versions. Please have a plumber install filters under the sink. You can readily set up a countertop unit in a couple of minutes yourself.

We are authorized dealers of Berkey filters as well, and can sell any Berkey model (although some not into California.) We find these to be excellent filters, particularly for travel or emergency, or some other situation where you want a gravity-fed filter system. We have two models in our online store. They can be seen in the Emergency & Outdoor category.


The kitchen canister filters we sell are made in the US, and the quality is excellent! Issues of any kind are very rare.  If there is one, we get it resolved. If you ever have any questions or issues, please let us know at Friends of Water.


It’s very easy to know what is the right filter for you. Please see Choosing Kitchen Water Filters if you need more help.  Or email us with your town and state.

CHANGING Kitchen Water Filters Cartridges.

For more general information, please click on Water Filter FAQ.You can also Check Water Filter Certificates and Lab Test Results


Friends of Water is a family-owned and family-run business founded in January 2006. We work to save water, filter water and celebrate water.

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