Water Filters to Remove Chloramine

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Water Filters to Remove Chloramine

August 12, 2022

Are there water filters to remove chloramine?

Yes, there are water filters to remove chloramine for your kitchen or your whole house.  You can greatly reduce chloramine from your shower.  But most filters are not designed to remove chloramine.  For a water filter to remove a very large percentage of chloramine from the water, you need to have the right filter materials, and enough contact time between the water and the filter.

Chloramine Water Filter

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Many websites report that you can filter chloramine with carbon.  That is an accurate statement but incomplete.  It must be the right type of carbon, and that is catalytic carbon.  Additionally, you can’t get enough catalytic carbon in normally-sized filters to significantly reduce chloramine.  So, even with the right catalytic carbon, you won’t get enough chloramine reduction from most water filters.

To take out most of the chloramine, which is difficult to remove, you need another filter media added to the catalytic carbon.  That filter material is called kdf.  But here, too, you need the right type of kdf to work on chloramine. That is kdf-85.  Kdf and catalytic carbon combined together will greatly reduce chloramine.  There can still be a challenge to have enough filter material in normal-sized water filters to effectively remove chloramine.

That challenge is solved by having the kdf processed using a patented process we call the FOAM ADVANTAGE.  The result of this process is much more contact time between the water and the filter material, using much less kdf without the FOAM ADVANTAGE.

In a whole house filter, this means great chloramine removal in a single tank, when otherwise two would be needed – along with a backwash head.  This means highly effective chloramine filtration at a considerably lower cost.

You can read in many places that you can’t filter chloramine in a shower filter.  This is generally true.  However, with the combination of FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf-85 and catalytic carbon, the majority of chloramine will be filtered.

With normal flow rate of a kitchen filter, combining these filter materials results in very high removal rates.



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