Friends of Water has been offering quality shower and bath water filters since January 2006. Today, we have three lines of shower filters we are proud to offer our valued clients.

All three of these brands effectively filter chlorine and each one is well made and competitively priced.  It is easy to change filters with all of them.

Please note that we only offer products that work well, are fairly priced, and do what they claim. Choosing which of those shower filters we offer is up to you.

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Shower Filters and Bath Filters for Chlorine or Chloramine.  Made by our long-time manufacturing partner, CuZn Water Filtration Systems.  CuZn filters use kdf processed with the patented-process FOAM ADVANTAGE.  The FOAM ADVANTAGE, resulting from filter media being powderized and shaped, has many positive results.  The FOAM increases contact time between water and filter material, which is how filtration happens.  This also allows the use of only fine grain kdf.  The overall effect is increased filtration and longevity.  The FOAM process means that the media does not compact; allowing continued strong flow for the life of the filter.

More recently, the FOAM ADVANTAGE has been applied to carbon, now also found in these shower filters.  This further increases the effectiveness of the filters.  Water flow is excellent, as the filter media cannot compress.

Also, shower filters (and bath filters) are now available optimized for the removal of chloramines.  These use the FOAM ADVANTAGE applied to kdf-85 and activated carbon, both of which are optimized for chloramine removal.


The technology in these bath filters and shower filters, which uses a process-patented media called the Foam Advantage, is made of a combination of copper and zinc kdf, is the best solution available for shower filters and for bath water filters.  All kdf is not equal!  Our manufacturing partner has patented the way these disks are made, forming them from powdered and shaped kdf.

These shower filters remove or reduce chlorine, iron, lead, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and hundreds of other problem contaminants from your water.

The copper-zinc kdf FOAM ADVANTAGE water filters, in both our Shower Filters and Bath Balls, also reduce aluminum, mercury, sulfur, and lime scale and many other organic and chemical compounds.  These water filters make your water softer without the use of salt.

Some municipalities add ammonia, which changes chlorine to chloramine.  Chloramine is more persistent and is harder to remove.  The FOAM ADVANTAGE is the only way we are aware of to filter a meaningful amount of chloramine in a shower filter.

Chlorine Filtering Showerheads from H2O 

These are effective shower filters contained in very attractive and well-made showerheads.  You can get them with different finishes to match your bathroom fixtures, and in a nice Handheld Showerhead.

These shower filters use a proprietary blend of fine and regular kdf, which increases the effectiveness without reducing water flow.

These filters have been NSF tested and certified. The manufacturer recommends that you replace filters every 6-9 months, or as needed. See these filters on the Filtering Showerheads page.

Pelican Chlorine Shower Filters 

These are effective and beautifully made units.  The media used are kdf, carbon and far-infrared volcanic media.  We’re told that the far-infrared media introduce negative ions, which increase hydration and make the water feel softer.

The Pelican showerheads offer an optional aromatherapy function.  Add Scent Bars to your order if you would like this.

These have been tested and certified to NSF Standards. The manufacturer recommends the average filter change is every 9 months.

Fluoride Water Filtration

Fluoride is recognized by many as being very dangerous; drinking it is a bad idea.  In November 2006, the American Dental Association reversed itself and said that the ingestion of fluoride is too dangerous for babies.  There are several other fluoride risks, too, including that it is carcinogenic.  However, unlike chlorine and chloramine, fluoride is not readily absorbed through the skin, nor does it release into the air as fumes.

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