Bath Water Filters: Bath Ball Patented Process

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These bath water filters use kdf that has been processed using the FOAM ADVANTAGE – a patented process that increases filtration and lasts longer.

You can choose the bath ball version for chlorine OR chloramine.  (Ask your water supplier or send us an email).

If you need to filter chloramines, you can also select the IMPROVED option.  That adds FOAM ADVANTAGE catalytic carbon for some reduction of additional contaminants.

These are the only Chloramine Bath Water Filters we are aware of.

All water suppliers use chlorine. The question is do they add ammonia to bind with the chlorine to form chloramines. You need either a chlorine- or chloramine-removing filter. ASK YOUR WATER SUPPLIER IF THERE IS CHLORAMINE IN THE WATER, and get the right filter for your water.  If they alternate between the two, the chloramine filter is the better choice, unless you want to get a refill and swap out between the two options.

The chloramine version is not able to remove all of the chloramines. You can expect it to remove the majority.


1.  Not all the water needs to run through the filter for it to work.  It works by releasing healthy ion trace elements into the water.

2.  You will not get accurate test results at home using water strips. To get your water tested for chloramine removal, please send to a professional water test lab and tell them the filter uses kdf.

The Bath Ball simply hangs from clear strapping on your tub faucet. The bath water filters also reduces lead, copper, mercury and other heavy metals, dirt, sediment, and odors from your bath water. Your tub will stay cleaner longer because lime scale, mold and mildew deposits are reduced.

These bath water filters use the patented powdered and shaped filter disks. The Foam technology dramatically increases the surface area which increases the contact time between water and bath filter. This results in more efficient and longer-lasting filtration. And the filter media does not compact.

For more information on the Foam Advantage, click on: Foam Advantage.

Water flow is strong.

* Life of filter disk 12 months


Bath Ball FOAM Replacements

+To answer a frequent question:

* Yes, this works for virtually all tubs. Only a very few people have any trouble.  And If you do, you can secure the strapping with grout, glue or similar.  If you have a ‘Roman Faucet’ it may not work for you.

* No tools needed to replace filters. You need only change the inside filter disk once a year for optimal filtration.

3 reviews for Bath Water Filters: Bath Ball Patented Process

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    patricia harris

    We have had this bath ball for about 4 years and it works really well. I like for my kids to take a bath without all the chlorine of our city water. It is really easy to use, no assembly neccessary.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joan (verified owner)

    Getting this and a shower filter from you were among my first life-saving steps! I have had this bath ball water filter for at least three years. I used it for everything I now have water balls for all the sinks in the house. Thanks to this great and inexpensive filter I can be chlorine free and I can feel the health advantage. My water company does not add fluoride in the water so I don’t need to filter it but could with this great tools. One less toxin for my body to fight off. Thanks again!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have used a bath ball for over 3 years and I like the fact that I can feel confident that I am not soaking in toxic cancer causing water. I love my hot bath, and unfiltered water will slowly and eventually take you down. thank you

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