MEDIUM SIZE Whole House Water Filter Advanced Upgrade

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Top-end filtration sized for smaller and mid-sized homes



Whole House Water Filter Advanced Upgrade has a breakthrough configuration.  This is a 2-tank system, plus a pre-filter.  This size is right for 2 to 4 person homes under 3,500 square feet, with up to 3 baths.

Read the tab “Filtration” to learn how this differs from the one-canister wide-spectrum whole house filter.

  • Media lasts for 5 years or 300,000 gallons (whichever is first) for Chlorine version!
  • 150,000 gallons for Chloramine version

The Whole House Water Filter Advanced Upgrade can be configured for chlorine – or for chloramine.  The chloramine version also filters out chlorine so it’s right if your municipality uses chloramine or alternates back and forth. Get the right filter for what is in your water!  Look on the web for “(your town + state) Annual Water Quality Report,” or call the number on your water bill and ask them if they use chlorine or chloramine.  Or email us with your town and state and we’ll check for you.

Whole House Water Filter Advanced Upgrade System

Made in America

This is the medium size of an exceptional whole house water filter system.  This filter system combines five top filter media that are effective on a wide spectrum of contaminants, including heavy metal, organic, chemical, odor and taste.  And it has specialized media targeting pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, and fluoride.

Uses the FOAM ADVANTAGE for kdf, increasing effectiveness and extending media life.

For Refills info and links, see Refill tab.

Click on the “Filtration” tab to understand what this filter does, including what it can do with fluoride.

To see an FAQ, click on: Frequently Asked Questions.

To see certifications of media and tanks, click on Certifications

Whole house filters are not 0ff-the-shelf.  They are assembled and air-tested on order.  Lead times vary.  Please allow us time to build the filter to meet your requirements.

Email us at [email protected] or call us with questions about whole house water filter systems  toll-free at 866-482-6803. If we don’t pick up, leave a message and we’ll be back to you soon.  Sometimes we’re just on another line.  At the latest, we’ll be back to you the next business morning (Pacific time).


Filtration & Filter Materials.

The advanced filter has all that the wide-spectrum filter does, and adds 3 more filter materials for additional filtration.

Starts with a micro sediment pre-filter to remove any physical, undissolved particles out of the water.  You will be amazed by how much dirt & grime this filter captures.

5 Filter Materials

In this Whole House Water Filter Advanced Upgrade, the main tanks combine a proprietary patent-processed KDF-55 mineral media (copper-zinc), high purity coconut shell carbon, zeolite, calcium-based carbon (bone char) & Rx Filtration media, all of which have been tested to NSF standard 42 and 61.

Filter Materials Described

KDF is a great REDOX (oxidation/reduction) filter media.  It delivers a unique natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption. KDF-55 targets the dissolved inorganic contaminants.  It filters up to 98% of soluble cation heavy metals including mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, etc.

KDF-55 creates a bacteriostatic environment that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & other microbial contaminants.

KDF-55 also prevents corrosion and eliminates hard scale by transforming hardness minerals into crystalline structures that do not adhere to plumbing & appliances.  Effective up to 8 grains of hardness.  (We have other units for higher hardness.)

The KDF in this filter has been processed using the FOAM ADVANTAGE patent, which means you get more filtration from less media.

SNRF Ion Exchange Coconut Shell Carbon is an adsorbent media that target the volatile organic compounds (chlorine, THMs, disinfection by products, herbicides, pesticides, etc). This carbon is supercharged with a modification for ion exchange properties.  This delivers soluble lead adsorption (Ion Exchange Capacity is 130mg/g). The heavy metal reduction capability is additive, given that FOAM ADVANTAGE KDF-55 is also incorporated in to the system design.  Together they assure 99% removal of soluble lead, even at high flow rates.

This Advanced Filter Adds These Materials

Calcium Based Carbon (BRIMAC), also known as Bone Char, has a unique porous matrix of ions created by heating raw material in an oxygen rich vessel at 1,292 °F. The result is a unique type of Calcium-Based Activated Carbon with properties that are very different than the more common Coconut Shell Activated Carbon.  Calcium-Based Carbon is selective for filtering inorganic contaminants.

Fluoride filtration is the most common application for Calcium-Based Carbon.  It is also used in applications for radionuclides reduction including radium, uranium & arsenic present at levels below the MCL.

Fluoride is one of the more slowly-adsorbed contaminants.  Lower water flow permits more fluoride filtration.  A large quantity of high-quality fluoride-filtering media is required for whole house reduction of this contaminant.  You will not get the 90+% removal of fluoride as you get with other contaminants.  However, this stage of the dual tank system will reduce fluoride.  Specific tests at different times may show varying results.  This is both because it is hard to get accurate fluoride tests – and because levels prior to filtering can vary.   It is estimated that fluoride removal will begin at about 85%, and will drop to about 35% over the life of the filter.   If you want to remove more fluoride, we can do so by combining with a Clairify filter, or a kitchen filter. The biggest risks of fluoride are from ingestion.

Zeolite Filtration Media is a great filtration material with both adsorbent & ion exchange properties. The most prominent application for Zeolite is ammonia removal. Zeolite compliments activated carbon’s adsorption of volatile organic compounds.  Zeolite tends to offer greater efficacy with the removal of some organics that activated carbon is less effective adsorbing. It also has shown promise for the removal of various radionuclides with its unique ion exchange properties.

Rx Filtration Media is a nano-level organosilica media with a flexible and hydrophobic pore structure. Rx media is able to remove nearly all forms of pharmaceutical contamination found in potable water supplies.  Testing shows 99% removal of antidepressants, antibiotics, birth controls & 75% removal anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines). Rx media can also be used for the extraction of organic species, including hydrocarbons, all forms of oil, chlorinated solvents, esters & glycols.


REFILL LINKS  (click the links below)

Advanced Medium Main Tanks – Chlorine or Chloramine

Sediment filters  once a year or as needed if water slows: 


  • Capacity: 300,000 gallons for chlorine!  150,000 gallons for chloramine.
  • Standard Pre-Filter Dimension: 7 3/4″ X 14″ – with a 10″ canister
  • Chlorine Version Tank Dimensions: 7″ Diameter x 35″ Height
    Chloramine Version Tank Dimensions:
    – Tank #1: 7″ x 35″
    – Tank #2: 7″ x 35″
  • No maintenance contract required
  • Flow rate is 8 gallons per minute
  • Temperature Ratings: 35 to 130 degrees
  • Pressure Ratings: 5 to 125 psi
  • Pressure Loss:  Less than 1 psi !
  • Fittings: 3/4″ OR 1″ inlet/outlets
  • Delivered to your home for any plumber to install
  • Installation instructions are sent with the unit. It is basic plumbing to cut the filters into the water line, and create a bypass line. It takes some hours, but it’s not complicated.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Housing
  • Return any Friends of Water purchase within 90 days for a full refund
  • All components & media are NSF Certified
  • Provides pure, filtered water while leaving essential trace minerals
  • Virtually no drop in water pressure
  • Requires no electricity
  • Unlike older technologies, there is no backwash, no wasted water
  • Bacteriostatic. Prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & algae
  • Filters a wide spectrum of contaminants from your water source including disinfectants, lead, heavy metals, trihalomethanes (THM’s), disinfectant byproducts (DPBs), sulfur, iron, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, pesticides and many types of pharmaceuticals
  • Earth Friendly. Features include biodegradable or recyclable medias, no waste water, no back-washing, chemical free, salt free & refillable
  • Ships free to your home


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