Shower Filter Chloramine or Chlorine Patented Process Chrome

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Works for chemically-sensitive people. Replace filter cartridge inside just once a year.

This is a Shower Filter Chlorine, or Shower Filter Chloramine.  Get the one right for your water.  Chrome finish.

If your municipality alternates between chlorine and chloramine, the best choice is to get the chloramine option, which will reduce both.




Does not filter fluoride.  Fluoride takes more contact time with filter material to be removed than the shower filter size allows.


Shower filter chlorine or chloramine.  We can help you if you email us and provide city or town and state.  Or, search “your town, state Annual Water Quality Report” to see if they list chlorine or chloramine.  Or call the number on your water bill.  

If your municipality uses chloramine or both, getting the chloramine version is better for you.

The thread size is standard in the US and will fit any standard shower pipe.


For any US shower with a normal water pipe.


Chlorine is eliminated at roughly 95% level.  With the chloramine filter, removal rates are lower. but the majority will be filtered out in most cases.  Slower flow rates means more filtration.  Customer experience has been very good.

It is the FOAM ADVANTAGE that makes it possible to greatly reduce chloramines in a shower filter.

Shower filters are primarily designed to filter out the disinfectants.  It works against odors and lime scale.  Somewhat softens water naturally.  Showers however, have a fast flow rate and small filters, so they will not do everything a kitchen or whole house filter will do.

For information on chlorine, click on: Chlorine .

For information on chloramine, click on: Chloramine.

HOW DO THEY WORK?    select your Craftsman model number below.

Unscrew your existing showerhead, screw the filter onto the pipe, and then screw your showerhead onto the filter. Fits any showerhead.  If there is room to screw this onto the pipe that your showerhead, you can use this filter.

This special patented process for the kdf shower filter filters chlorine or chloramine and the filter disks last a full year.  This is the latest model in a shower filter line made and sold in the US since 1991.

Made in USA

Water flow is strong. The patented process increases porosity, which means better contact between water and filter material while maintaining a strong water flow.

FILTER MEDIA FACTS: Kdf is the best media for the shower. The TurboShower uses a patented powdered and shaped porous kdf block. The kdf makes the carbon more effective.  Other kdf filters use granulated material. This FOAM ADVANTAGE technology dramatically increases the filter surface area and the contact time with water and therefore delivers greater filtration.

Media prepared in this way will do far more than a comparable amount of the same media.  See this chlorine chart.


For chlorine, kdf-55 and activated carbon are used.

For chloramine, kdf-85 and catalytic carbon are used.

For more information on the patented filter media process, see  Foam Advantage.


TurboShower Refill for Chrome TS-106


We’ve read that carbon doesn’t work in hot water. Is this true?

This carbon stops working at a temperature between 115 and 120 degrees.  Shower water is typically below 104 degrees, so the carbon in this filter is fully effective.  The specific tests were done at 102 degrees, as called for by the NSF protocol.

KDF works great in hot water.

Is this filter certified by NSF?

The filter materials used are.  See more info here: Certifications.


Works great.  As always your service and prices can’t be beat.  Thanks and I’ll be in touch when it’s replacement filter time!

Dr. Jess Baldwin. Baldwin Family Chiropractic, Aurora, CO

I appreciate all the information your website provides. I’m glad we decided to purchase, so we don’t breathe in and absorb the chlorine. The added benefits to my tub and shower tiles staying cleaner is a great benefit.

L.P. Hawaii


  • Removes chlorine at about 95% for the life of the filter at the rates normal in a shower.  Lower flow rates will deliver higher levels of filtration.
  • Chloramine, much harder to remove, will have the majority filtered.  Slower flow will increase filtration.
  • Replace inside filter once a year
  • Virtually no drop in water pressure
  • Connector is made of sturdy stainless steel for ease of installation without risk of stripping the threads.
  • Connector is free-spinning for easy installation



TurboShower 105 Refill Cartridges

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14 reviews for Shower Filter Chloramine or Chlorine Patented Process Chrome

  1. Robin (verified owner)

    Works great and super easy to install! I ordered one for our shower and one for the kids’ shower. I tend to be very sensitive to chemical exposure, and after showers I would always feel flushed with a rapid heartbeat. But not anymore… it’s so great to realize my family and I are no longer breathing in toxic chlorine gas from the shower steam each time we take a shower. I replace the internal cartridge once every year, and the filters continue to work great. And Friends of Water is always great with all of the detailed information posted on their website, plus fast response to any questions I’ve had. I also use the under counter 3-canister filter in our kitchen, and the combination of these products has had an enormous positive impact on my health.

  2. Sue Craig

    We noticed a difference in our health right after installing the shower filter. No more breathing in toxic fumes! The filter did take some effort to fit on our shower head (possibly due to the differences in plumbing fittings in Australia) but once installed, it’s easy to change the filter on an annual basis. We also use the countertop fluoride water filter in the kitchen and believe we’ve made a positive invest in our family’s health. Friends of Water have always provided prompt and accommodating service, including making it easy to order filters and replacement parts from overseas.

  3. Katherine (verified owner)

    I had this for a couple of years now and it works great for us. I can tell when it’s time to change it because the water stings my eyes. So much for clean water in the Garden State. Having a good filter makes a world of difference as we try our best to be as healthy as we can be even when the dark forces of our country want to kill a percentage of us off the planet for purposes of world domination. It ain’t gonna happen, so there! Between eating healthy, exercise, meditation and Friends of Water, we’re on the winning team!

  4. Debbie Taylor (verified owner)

    I have used the shower and tub filter for several years. I am chemically sensitive and they have worked well–taking the chlorine out of the water. They are also easy to replace. I recently purchased the filter ball for travel and it works well also.

  5. Cara in Chicago (verified owner)

    I live in Chicago, where the water is notoriously treated. High levels of fluoride and chloramine. I love that I can feel safe taking a long, hot shower. The filter was easy to install- hubbie had it done in 10 minutes. The skin is the largest chemical entry point on the body, and I no longer have to worry about toxins that my municipality still thinks are ok to add. Water doesn’t smell like chlorine anymore- and I’m healthier!

  6. Christine Federici (verified owner)

    I use the chloramine version and feel quite happy with the filter. Knowing that the harsh fluoride and chloramine in our water is filtered our and not harming me or my family gives me great peace.

  7. Sage (verified owner)

    I had a friend install this for me (I couldn’t get my shower head off) – I’m not so handy, but he is and he said it was super easy. I noticed a difference right away in my hair and skin. I have MUCH less residue and buildup in my hair from chloramine and hard water, and my skin is much softer. It feels so good feeling clean after the shower, and I love having soft hair again. Would recommend to others – it was hard to find other chloramine filters on the market.

  8. Karen G (verified owner)

    I’ve had unusually itchy skin for a few years, and wondered if a shower filter could help. I purchased a chloramine filter from these folks, and I think it’s made a difference. I’m happy to be getting less exposure to chemicals I don’t need. And I really appreciate the excellent customer service these folks provide. I just finished my first year of using this shower filter, and dropped a note, and it was effortless to get the right replacement filter. Very affordable, too — only about $35 for a whole year. I can’t think of any reason not to minimize my exposure to what is routinely put in our tap water. A happy customer!

  9. Sandra (verified owner)

    So far I haven’t noticed much difference in the effects of not having the chemicals on my skin. My only complaint is that I still have leaking at the attachment/ threading site. Even with teflon tape no difference. Never had a problem with any other shower heads I’ve previously had. Disappointed especially for the cost of this product!

    • Friends of Water (store manager)

      Hi Sandra, Thanks for doing a review. Sorry your experience hasn’t been what you’d hope for. It’s hard to understand why you have would have leaking if you didn’t have it before. Leaking is usually caused by little dings on the shower pipe. The tape you used one would expect to address that. As with any product you purchase from us, if you would to return it for a full refund, you are welcome to do so.

  10. Rochelle (verified owner)

    I ordered the one for chloramine treated water. We just tried it out and I’m floored! The chlorine test was zero and after my shower my skin is soft, my eyes don’t burn, and I don’t smell like chlorine!! I can’t wait to see the benefits of long term use!

  11. SB

    It’s magic!

  12. EH (verified owner)

    Thank you! Before I installed your chloramine filter, I would sneeze repeatedly in the shower daily. The sneezing stopped as soon as your filter was in place. (this review was sent to Friends of Water by email.)

  13. emma (verified owner)

    Great service and product. We had a great experience shopping with Timothy online who directed us to exactly what we were seeking. The product (chloramine) is excellent and we are very pleased and highly recommend this filter and getting it from

  14. Friends of Water (store manager)

    Thank you for your chloramine product, it works and I’m so happy I can safely take a shower again! NC (sent by email)

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