Quantum Disinfection Platinum Bundle

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Includes pre-filter(s). Disinfection without chemicals.


Quantum Disinfection Platinum Bundle

This item is a Quantum Disinfection Media cartridge teamed with one or two pre-filters.  (See options.)

Based on situational requirements, this bundle of Quantum Disinfection Media with pre-filter(s) can be used on their own, or more often will be teamed with additional whole house filtration.  If using the Platinum (Clairify) on its own, get the 2 pre-filters option, so you aren’t changing the 5 micron filter too often.   If you are combining the Platinum with a whole house filter that already has a pre-filter, you can get the 1 5-micron pre-filter option.

Water Treatment Breakthrough!

It is rare that there are major breakthroughs in water filtration.  We have found one, however.  There is now a new disinfection material.  This is the first ever.  Disinfection previously has been accomplished only with chemicals like chlorine.

Quantum Disinfection™ is a revolutionary technology using quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces. This is the first time such a technology has been used to disinfect water.

This is particularly exciting, because it means when we need to disinfect water, we can now do so without adding chemicals like chlorine.  Chlorine does a great job disinfecting.  But it is  designed to kill living things, and remains in the water.  Thus it needs to be filtered out again.

Highly Effective Disinfection

The new Quantum Disinfection media also does a great job disinfecting the water – without the introduction of chemicals!  Disinfection effectiveness is better than 99.99%!  Eliminates microorganisms, including E. coli, up to Log 6.

Quantum Disinfection™ kill microorganisms instantly.  No sustained contact time is required.  There are immediately no traces of microorganisms left in the water.


The most frequent householder situation where Quantum Disinfectant will be useful, is to treat well water with bacteria.  While in most cases, there is also a need to filter out other things – like heavy metals or other chemicals, which means combining the Platinum with a filter, we can now disinfect water without having to buy a disinfection tank, a well chlorine pellet dispenser, or a UV lamp.

Instead, a Quantum Disinfection Media cartridge, with pre-filters will do the job!  For the disinfection material to work properly, a pre-filter of 5 micron fineness is required.  As that is a pretty fine ‘sift’, the pre-filter would clog too frequently without a bigger-micron pre-filter ahead of it.  So we have an option for 2 pre-filters, with a standard 20 micron sediment filter in front.  That pre-filter removes a lot of the particulate matter.  We have the option to get only one pre-filter, should you be combining the Platinum with another of our whole house water filter systems, or our well water systems, some of which include a sediment filter already.

Other great applications for this technology include greenhouses, chicken farms, and other commercial situations requiring disinfected water.

This filter also reduces fluoride by .5 ppm.  Click this link to learn more about that.


We suggest that you add a few replacement sediment filters to your order. That way, you will have them on hand.  And the shipping is free when part of the bundle.

When time to change, just replace the main cartridge.

See the Refills tab above to link to the pre-filter replacements.


  • Maximum Flow Rate   12 gpm
  • Unit Size    11 x 3 inches
  • Expected Life     200,000 gallons
  • No backwash
  • No electricity
  • Works by catalytic surface action.  There is no leaching.
  • Water Temperature     41 to 100 Fahrenheit
  • pH    3.5 to 8.5
  • Maximum Operating Pressure    125 psi
  • Quantum Disinfection™ is a ceramic:
    alumina based, environmental friendly, odorless and insoluble.
  • Quantum Disinfection™ is a catalyst:
    disinfects the water with its activated surfaces, no power, no chemicals, no maintenance.
  • Quantum Disinfection™ is a new phenomenon:
    attracts electrons form microorganisms causing their entire structure to collapse.

Certifications + Testing

Quantum Disinfection is:

  • An NSF Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 42 for material requirements only.
  • Tested by IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 61.
  • Certified MOH – China.

Quantum Disinfection™ technology has been rigorously tested and posted excellent results by:

  • Environmental Protection Agency, US EPA
  • Eurofins US; Eurofins France
  • NC State University
  • Proteus, France
  • Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, China
  • Avazyme, US
  • Ackuritlabs, US
  • Microbac, US



How often the pre-filters need changing is a factor of how much sediment or particulate matter there is in your water.

Just replace the Platinum/Clarify atter 200,000 gallons.

Click below to get to refills

Replacement Whole House Sediment Prefilter 10″

Platinum replacement cartridge


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