Filter Tests

These are results from testing of the wide-spectrum KDF & granulated activated carbon filter cartridges.

The test does not consider the optional fluoride, nitrate, arsenic or other cartridges which are combined to form 2, 3 and 4-canister kitchen filters.

See Table One below for the most informative data.
It shows output water vs. requirements.


*No copper or zinc were added to the challenge water.

**Below limit of detection

Wide Spectrum Cartridge Test Results

While this test shows a reduction in these contaminants, Fluoride, Arsenic & Nitrates,  CuZn has found that filtration efficacy can be inconsistent in their removal in certain water conditions. As a result, we offer & recommend the use of CuZn Nitrate (model#NR-1), Arsenic (model#AR-1) and Fluoride (model#FR-1) specialty filters be used in tandem with CuZn Wide Spectrum Filters when these contaminants are present.

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