Chloramine Test Results.

These tests were on the media used in the WHCM-FT. The same media are used proportionally in the kitchen canister filters for chloramine. 

These tests were done on the 1 tank, 2-media whole house chloramine filter.  However, the same materials used here are applied in many filters.  These tests are a indicator of the exceptional effectiveness of the media which is extrapolated to other applications.  Please visit Shop/ Kitchen Filters/ Fluoride Plus Filters to see the most-popular chloramine filters.

All tests on this chloramines FOAM ADVANTAGE system were performed in our Maryland testing facility. Initial testing was done to verify the amounts of medias needed to successfully break the bond formed by the chlorine and ammonia in the chloramines.  You would not get the same remarkable results without the FOAM ADVANTAGE patented process.

Calculations proved 16 lbs of FOAM ADVANTAGE Cubes and one Cubic foot of Catalytic Carbon to be the appropriate amounts of media for a whole house application.

 As shown in these charts a test tank was set up using specic amounts of ammonia and chlorine to create a chloramine level of 2.12ppm. Tests were then taken at a series of flow rates up to and exceeding 10gpm.

The tests show that all of the chloramines have been successfully broken down and the separate parts were removed. Life time usage has been designed for 350,000+gallons, depending on the quality of the water being treated.

Verifications of the life time use is being noted daily by systems currently in operation. In other words, the media is lasting this long for customers who bought this filter.  

This unit is designed for use on municipally treated waters only. Any other water type may need additional treatments and disinfectants.

Chloramine Test Results


55 gallon Drum.

Total Chlorine : 2.47

Free Chlorine : 0.35

Chloramines : 2.12

Initial test : Efficiency vs. Flow

GPM % Removal Total CHL (Chlorine). FREE CHL. CHLORAMINES

1 100% 0 0 0

2 100% 0 0 0

3 100% 0 0 0

4 100% 0 0 0

5 100% 0 0 0

6 100% 0 0 0

7 100% 0 0 0

8 100% 0 0 0

9 100% 0 0 0

10 100% 0 0 0

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