Independent Test Results:  Customer Test Results on the 2 Canister Fluoride Plus Kitchen Filter (with an Activated Alumina Fluoride Cartridge.)

    Note:  Most 3-canister filters include these two, and add one more targeted contaminant, like chloramine.  So these results will be at least as good, likely better (if possible) in a 3-canister.

A customer’s municipality was in violation with the water supply as being distributed to their customers.  The disinfection by-products were higher than are allowed by Federal standards.  Disinfection by-products are actually the health risk of chlorination (and of disinfection by chloramines.)  Our customer was seriously concerned, most especially because she has a small child. Please review the results we share below. They are shared by permission of our customer.

Highly significant is that the lab could not detect any disinfection byproducts after the water had run through our customer’s 2-Canister Fluoride Plus Filter.  And remember, before filtering the level of disinfection byproducts were so high as to be in violation.  

Please click on this link to see the lab report:  Independent Test Results from a customer.


Key Points:  The chlorine, chlorination byproducts and all of the other contaminants tested here except for fluoride were filtered by the Wide-Spectrum Cartridge with FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf and granulated activated carbon.  EVERY kitchen canister filter we sell has a Wide-Spectrum Cartridge.  Fluoride of course was filtered by the fluoride cartridge.  If you get a 1-canister it has the Wide-Spectrum Cartridge. If you get a 3-canister Fluoride Plus Filter it consists of the same 2 cartridges tested here – plus one more specialized cartridge, like chloramines.  (See other pages for more tests and certifications.)  The filter this customer has is not designed to remove hardness. We can also do that if you need it, although that usually makes more sense at the whole house level.

Information on getting accurate water tests:  Please note that in order to get really good measurements of fluoride and chlorine and chloramine levels in particular, you should send a water sample to a professional lab.  You must make sure that they know what type of filter media have been used.  Some media require specific types of testing to get accurate results.  For home testing of chlorine:  The DPD #1 Test, which tests only for CI2 is the only way to accurately measure the effectiveness of the TurboShower, kitchen canister filters, or whole house filters.  There are NO reliable fluoride home testers other than those that cost in the area of $500.  No matter what someone tells you based on cheap home fluoride testers, please know that you cannot rely on the results.

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