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Lead in Tacoma Water Found at High Levels

June 1, 2016


Tacoma, Washington’s water system was tested and found to have high levels of lead in hundreds of customers pipes.  Test showed that ‘goose-neck’ water pipes are holding and excreting toxic levels of lead into the city water. Officials say these pipes are used to funnel water from the mainline into customer’s water supplies. That means lead in their drinking and cooking water.

Tacoma Water estimated up to 1,700 lead goose-neck pipes may still exist near Lincoln High School and its neighboring residences.

The Environmental Protection Agency standards inform us that lead levels over 15 parts per billion are a concern.  (Often we think levels should be below those recommended.) The lead in Tacoma water samples showed more than parts per billion of lead!  The worst tested at 400 lead parts per billion.  That’s a really scary level folks. Remember lead poisoning?  Get yourself a filter!

To address lead in Tacoma Water:  ‘Tacoma Water is working on a plan to pay for water testing at the homes and businesses where lead goose-necks are suspected.” said Tacoma Public Utility Board Chairman Bryan Flint. Learn more here.

That’s good, and we hope it goes quickly and well. The bigger point, however, is that you shouldn’t wait until a crisis in your water that threatens your health. Get water filters that work well on all the categories of contaminants.

All of our whole house filter and kitchen canister filters work very well on lead and other heavy metals. The patented process used for the metal-removing media makes them particularly effective.  In Tacoma, the water also contains fluoride at a level higher than most municipalities.  Therefore, the right kitchen filters would be one of these:  2-canister or 3-canister.  Please click through to read about these filters and to learn the difference between them.  Both versions are also available with a countertop housing.   Click the Shop tab above.

Lead in Tacoma Water

2-Canister Kitchen Fluoride Water Filter

2-Canister Kitchen Fluoride Water Filters

Lead in Tacoma Water

3-Canister Kitchen Fluoride Water Filter

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