California Governor Permanently Bans Wasting Water

California Drought

California Governor Permanently Bans Wasting Water

June 22, 2016

In response to California reaching its fifth year of drought, Gov. Jerry Brown has decided to make some water restrictions permanent. This includes banning wasteful practices like hosing sidewalks and washing cars with hoses that don’t have shut-off nozzles. share a statement of Brown’s: “Californians stepped up during this drought and saved more water than ever before, but now we know that drought is becoming a regular occurrence and water conservation must be a part of our everyday life.”

Although some districts have been given the okay to loosen water restrictions, the chairwoman of the State Water Resources Control Board reminded Californian’s through the media that we need to continue conserving water as often as possible.

The Associated Press reports, nearly 90 percent of the state “remains in moderate drought or worse,” despite extra water and snowfall in Northern California this winter.” So let’s keep it up California. Each individual effort is what will make a difference and bring about change. And not just for this year, but for future generations to come. What we do today can positively affect the future of our state, our country, and our world.

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