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Plastic Fibers in Water & How to Filter Them

December 11, 2017

Plastic Fibers in Water & How to Filter Them.

Plastic Fibers also called micro fibers in water are in our environment.  These have been identified for some time.  Now a study has looked at plastic fibers in drinking water.  The results show microscopic plastic fibers in 83% of the drinking water tested worldwide.  The highest levels are in the United States.

Tiny plastic fibers or microfibers have been identified in the oceans, in rivers, and in lakes (even remote ones). They are also in fish, and in the air we breathe.   Now we know that they are in our drinking water.

According to a new research study, published by Orb Media, tap water and plastic bottled water in cities on five continents is contaminated with microscopic plastic fibers.  Specific studies to show what the health risks might be have not been done.  Experts (and we) suspect plastic fibers transfer toxic chemicals when consumed.

Orb found microfibers in bottled water, and in homes that use reverse-osmosis filters. 

94% of samples taken in the US, including tap water from the EPA headquarters, were contaminated by plastic.

Orb reports that microscopic fibers enter the water system in multiple ways.  These could include from synthetic fiber clothing to tire dust and micro-beads. Other ways could be from the fragmenting of larger pieces of plastic.

See this video on Microfibers. 

From the excellent group. the Story of Stuff.

We have kitchen water filters that remove microfibers.  They also remove cysts.  You can get any of our kitchen filters, to filter the microfibers.  When ordering any of our kitchen canister filters, select the wide-spectrum filter with microfiber filter.

Plastic Fibers in Water Filter

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