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Safe Water

THE WATERFALL              

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Safe Water Helps
Children Make the Grade

A guest article from WaterPartners International

Approximately 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illnesses, making it a leading factor for school absenteeism in the developing world. In addition to frequent illnesses, time spent collecting prevents many school-aged children, especially girls, from attending school. Like their mothers, girls bear the primary responsibility for collecting water for daily domestic use -- drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

School absenteeism used to be the reality for Roman and Haregewoini, teenage girls in a village called Guetelo in northern Ethiopia.  Until recently, they had to walk more than two hours to collect a pot of water. But now, thanks to WaterPartners and its partner REST, all that has changed. 

"Fetching water is not a problem now," they report.  "It takes us not more than ten minutes.  For this reason we are able to attend school without any problem and do our assignments on time.  We are happy to have this safe water in our village."  

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                   Roman and Haregewoini demonstrate how easy their new water pump is to use.

Even when the children make it to school, the water and sanitation conditions often don't improve. For example, a recent assessment in Kenya revealed that more than 90 percent of rural primary schools do not have a safe water source. In dry areas, a number of schools have to close during the drought period due to lack of water.

A recent WaterPartners project with its partner SANA in western Kenya helped to establish safe drinking water for schools in the communities of Mbeme, Chiga, Kamrongo, and Mayhenya.

In the community of Mbeme, head school teacher Caroline Amonde Jobita remarked, "The clean water supply has had an impact on the number of pupils joining the school.  It has helped reduce most of the water-borne diseases.  It has also reduced lateness in children coming to school.  It has opened the eyes of parents to [the importance of hygiene].  It has made a change in our pupils who are shining in their appearance and performance. So far, it has proven a way to retain the children in school."                         

"On behalf of the Mbeme community and school," she says, "I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the assistance you have given us in achieving our aim of clean water supply for the community and school."

Learn more about the great work Water Partners International is doing. Visit

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Give a Gift of Health

Your loved ones should stop drinking and bathing in chemicals. 

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Water Crisis

The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that 36 states are in some sort of water shortage crisis.  Maude Barlow, author of the new book Blue Covenant says that this is not part of a normal cycle. Rather it is the result of our having 'plundered, polluted and degraded' our own surface water supply all over the planet. Now we are reaching deeper into the earth to use deep ground water and beginning to use that up for the first time.  Click here to read an earlier article about when we heard Maude speak. 

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US Southwest & Beyond 

The forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association says"After a warm and mostly dry fall season, the upcoming winter may end up rekindling drought concerns in much of the Interior Southwest. Renewed drought conditions may reach further north than even during typical La Nina winters, including northern Utah and northwestern Colorado. Given the current strength and recent persistence of this La Nina event, the odds for moisture relief during the following spring season are currently below average as well," The outlook is the same much of the rest of the nation, according to a national NOAA forecast.

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