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Press Releases about responds to the National Academy of Sciences Report that Millions of Americans Get Sick Yearly from Contaminated Water

Several recent national studies, including a National Academy of Sciences study, show that the drinking water of millions of Americans contains contaminants including drugs like sedatives, hormones and antibiotics. explains the implications and how households can assure healthy water for their families.

(PRWEB) February 9, 2010 -- Drugs, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants are in the drinking water of millions of Americans. A National Academy of Sciences study notes millions of Americans get sick every year from contaminants. The combined results of several recent studies documents the scope of the challenge. Many chemical and organic contaminants in the water are not tracked or regulated. Legal and illegal drugs, and other contaminants like fuel additives, are in the water supply. Their levels, and the ways in which they combine, vary by time and location. It is virtually impossible to research all the variations. Drugs are designed to alter human physiology. People should take the steps needed to minimize their exposure to unknown combinations of pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs. provides extensive information on how families can filter the full range of these contaminants.

An Associated Press study identified the presence of antibiotics, sedatives, sex hormones and dozens of other drugs in their supplies. The EPA is just now beginning to study an additional 200 contaminants.

"There are tens of thousands of chemicals that can contaminate our waters and that haven’t been assessed for their risks." reports Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute. Households should take steps now to protect their own health by filtering their home water. The Environmental Working Group created an online database of water quality test results from 45 states. Their analysis shows that water agencies across the country have detected a total of more than 300 pollutants in supplies, more than half of which are not regulated by the government.

“People don’t understand that just because water is technically legal, it can still present health risks.” said Dr. Pankaj Parekh, director of the water quality division for the City of Los Angeles. The report by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that millions of Americans become sick each year from drinking contaminated water, with illnesses from upset stomachs to cancer and birth defects.

The US has had one of the best water supplies in the world in large part because dangerous organic compounds are removed by disinfection. As is now clearly shown however, many other types of contaminants are building up in the water. Research is available on the risks of some of these contaminants, but many others have yet to be tested at all.

Turning to bottled water will not solve the problem. 40% of bottled water is from the tap and there are multiple other issues with bottled water. Families should be filtering their water at home. But there are so many types of filters made and sold - and they are described in so many different ways - that it can be befuddling to select a water filter that will remove those contaminants and leave healthy water with the trace elements the body needs. provides information on water issues, including the risks of chemicals in the water, and offers products to filter and save water. The company continually hears from people who must remove chemicals or contaminants from their water to maintain their health. Often they are sent by healthcare professionals. Many have been helped with minimizing symptoms, reclaiming their health, and avoiding health problems. How many more people are there who don't know that their health problems are caused or aggravated by contaminants in their drinking water?

To protect their family's health, individuals should now filter the water in their home. Research can begin at Learn more about drugs in the water, fluoride, and types of water filters. is a family-run web site with a free ezine and an online store. Visit to learn about the risks to water and see 150 products to save water, filter water, and celebrate water.

Rain Water Catch Design Recognized in International Competition

The Rain Water Catch, designed to provide clean drinking water to people in Africa and around the world, was one of the water solutions recognized by the international Drawing Water Challenge announced in London. The competition was a program of the ARUP Cause, an initiative of Arup in partnership with WaterAid.

February 21, 2007 -- The Rain Water Catch, designed by Scott Wehner and submitted by, was among the ideas recognized by the ARUP Cause, based in London England, for providing low-cost access to clean water to millions of people around the world. There were three prize winners and three 'highly commended submissions' from among the submissions from around the world - among them the rain water catch.

The Rain Water Catch is a lightweight and durable rain water collector and storage system designed for use in areas of the world without sufficient access to clean water. The rain catch provides a direct response to the recent UN and World Agroforest Centre report that harvesting rain water could completely solve the problems of access to clean water in Africa. The rain water catch is inexpensive to purchase and to ship, but is made of long-lasting weather-resistant materials.

The Rain Water Catch can be used in any setting where people are interested in saving water.

To see multiple photos of the Rain Water Catch, and more information, please go to and click through to Water Catch.

Timothy Hickey, the founder and Big Splash at said: "We thank the ARUP Cause for holding this competition to bring attention to the problem of access to water and sanitation around the world. We are grateful that Scott Wehner's wonderful design was acknowledged. Our greatest hope is to attract the attention of non-profits, governmental agencies and NGOs about this affordable solution, so that people who are suffering needlessly can get some relief."

New Design for the Rain Water Catch could address the drinking water shortages in Africa and elsewhere.

The UN just released a report saying that harvesting rain water could solve Africa ’s drinking water problems.  The web business, a company working to address water issues, has located a design for a rain water catch that appears to meet the UN recommendations head-on. 

December 5, 2006.  The UN just reported the astonishing results of a study done with the World Agroforestry Centre:  In many countries the shortage of clean water can be entirely resolved by the harvesting of rain water. In some countries this could supply six or seven times the current need, and provide security against future droughts.

The report urges governments and donors to invest more widely in technology that is low cost, simple to deploy and maintain, and able to transform the lives of households, communities and countries Africa-wide. The report says “The water crisis in Africa is more of an economic problem from lack of investment, and not a matter of physical scarcity.  In other words, simply harvesting rain water could provide enough clean water to solve the water shortage in many countries. has located a low-tech, low-cost and lightweight design for a rain water catch by a company that has designed and sold thousands of products using similar and proven design principals and the same durable materials to create collapsible greenhouses. The Rain Water Catch is not yet in production. With sufficient interest, manufacturing can begin to produce products from this wonderful design.

To see multiple photos of a prototype of the Rain Water Catch, please go to and click through to Water Catch.

Timothy Hickey, the founder and Big Splash at said: “We are very excited to have found this solution to access to clean water. We’re hoping to contribute to solving this most serious issue for many. We hope to hear from anyone interested.”

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New Site Celebrates Water:  Ezine with Story-telling, News, Inspiration and Tools for the Householder to Clean Water and Save Water

September 5, 2006.  New environmentally-conscious web business celebrates water in our environment, health, recreation and gardening through a very attractive site, online store and opt-in ezine. The ezine includes well-written story-telling, laughable and serious water news, and discounts on selected water products in the online store.

If you think the oil shortage is a big deal, wait for the water shortage., a new socially-conscious web business, has three principals:

o  Celebrate water in our environment, health, recreation and gardening
o  Build awareness of the threat to our water resources -- in a supportive way
o  Provide tips and products to clean water and save water selects and sells products that support the thoughtful use of water including home water filters, pool filters, garden water filters and sprinklers, rain gauges and organic gardening products that don't damage our waterways. The company is continually adding carefully selected products to offer their readers.

Timothy Hickey, the founder and Big Splash at said: “Companies can be successful by being a positive influence. We celebrate the good life we have. And we’re working to both support well-intentioned householders and preserve earth’s life-blood. Please join us by subscribing to our free ezine."

                                                    Save Water.  Filter Water.  Celebrate Water.

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