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About Us is a family-owned and family-run business, founded in January 2006, with a web site and online store. We work to save water, filter water and celebrate water. Our offices are in northern California. We ship from different places around the country.

We provide lots of useful information on our site to build awareness of the many serious water-related issues the world faces. These include numerous threats to our water supply, and health threats from chemicals and contaminants in our water. But we aren't grim or alarmist. We also explore the many critical and wonderful ways in which water supports our lives. Water keeps the earth and us alive. We must give it the attention it needs.

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New Site Celebrates Water: Ezine with Story-telling, News, Inspiration and Online Store with products for the Householder to Filter Water and Save Water

New environmentally-conscious web business celebrates water in our environment, health, recreation and gardening through a very attractive site, online store and opt-in ezine. The ezine includes well written storytelling, laughable and serious water news, and discounts on selected water products in the online store.

If you think the oil shortage is a big deal, wait for the water shortage., founded at the beginning of 2006, is a socially-conscious web business, operating under these guiding principals:

o Celebrate water in our environment, health, recreation and gardening
o Build awareness of the threat to our water resources -- in a supportive way
o Provide information and products to filter water and save water
o Demonstrate that a business can succeed by supporting customers and the planet

Readers who subscribe receive a free periodic ezine, The Waterfall. The ezine entertains with water-related storytelling -- including adventures, life experiences, tall tales, historic and poetic views, and updates on water issues. The publication shares water news from the serious to the laughable, health tips and book reviews. Article submissions are invited. Readers receive extra discounts on water products described on the site and sold through the online store. (

   - - - - - - is a family business that selects and sells the best products to support the thoughtful use of water. These include home water filters, kitchen filters, travel water purifiers, fluoride water filters, whole house filters, bath and shower filters, pool filters, garden water filters, water filter pitchers, filtering straws, emergency preparedness filters - and sprinklers and gardening products that don't damage our waterways.

We also have selected air purifiers including one that uses water as the filter. The company  continually adds carefully selected products to offer customers.

Timothy Hickey, a founder and the Big Splash at said: “Companies can be successful by being a positive influence. We celebrate the good life we have. And we’re working to both support well-intentioned householders and preserve earth’s life-blood. Please join us by subscribing to our free ezine."

To read a story about how the Big Splash got started in water filtration, click here:

                                                                   Tap Water

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                                 Save Water. Filter Water. Celebrate Water.

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