Countertop FLUORIDE Water Filter Plus, Xtra Protection

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Does all that the 2-canister fluoride, chlorine unit does, plus adds extra protection against both chemical and organic contaminants, including pharmaceuticals.

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This is a 3-canister Countertop FLUORIDE Water Filter for Fluoride, Chlorine and has extra protection from wide spectrum of chemical and organic contaminants including pharmaceuticals, drugs, hormones and MTBE.

The COUNTERTOP Fluoride Water Filter version NEEDS NO PLUMBER. A diverter screws onto the end of any (non-sprayer) kitchen faucet.  To filter water, you pull out a tab on the diverter.

The difference from the 2-canister FLUORIDE PLUS filter is an extra canister doubling up on the amount of kdf and carbon.  This delivers a higher level of protection from the wide spectrum of chemical AND organic contaminants like drugs.  AND the final cartridge (KR-101A) also filters plastic microfibers and cysts. 

We do not recommend one fluoride-filtering material over the other.  We offer both because they both do well.

This Countertop Fluoride Water Filter is a good choice if you are concerned that your municipality will later switch to chloramines, which calls for a 3-canister kitchen filter.  Good choice if you want more flexibility going forward if what is in your water changes.  As with all of our kitchen canister filters, you can swap for different types of filter cartridges later if needed.  For example if your municipality later added chloramine, you could get a chloramine cartridge for this unit.  Since many municipalities are moving to chloramine, that’s a good reason to get a 3-canister now.


This Countertop Fluoride Water Filter is designed for municipal systems with fluoride and chlorine – when you want extra broad-spectrum protection from constant or occasional highs in chemical and/or organic contaminants and heavy metals. Could be right for some well water, but you should get your water tested first so we know what to recommend.


* fluoride
* chlorine (extra protection)
* chlorination by-products like trihalomethane (extra protection)
* perchlorate (extra protection)
* mtbe (extra protection)
* heavy metal (extra protection)
* chromium (extra protection)
* lead (extra protection)
* sediment
* algae (extra protection)
* molds (extra protection)
* scale (extra protection)
* bad taste (extra protection)
* pesticides (extra protection)
* hormones (extra protection)
* pharmaceuticals (extra protection)
* odors (extra protection)

The idea is that they work on all the categories of contaminants, with double protection on the categories of chemical and organic contamination. To see a larger sample list of contaminants filtered, see What Is Filtered? .


This is a multi-stage filter system. All filter materials have been certified by the NSF.

* The first canister has a sediment filters and two other filter mediums. (KR-101N)

* The second canister (middle) has a sediment filter and removes fluoride

*For the third cartridge, the wide-spectrum option with cyst + microfiber filtration is included. (KR-101A)

All together there are 2 POUNDS (OVER 900 grams) of top-grade coconut carbon for extra protection from MTBE and other organic contaminants, and a balancing amount of FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf to remove chemical-based contaminants and heavy metals. (Drugs are either chemically- or organically-based.)

*  The kdf in our filters uses a special patent-processed FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf that increases effectiveness and length of use – and does not clog – supporting a strong water flow for the life of the filter.  This means maximum filtration from kdf is achieved in a smaller area in the canisters – allowing more room in the cartridge for more carbon filtration, too.  For more information, see 

The Foam Advantage.     enter your Ridgid part numbers in the search engine block

* Water flow is excellent.

* Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of copper-zinc kdf.

* The EPA has certified KDF as releasing nothing harmful into the water. The EPA has certified KDF as compliant with Standards 61 & 42.

Made in America


Set of 3 cartridges (change all three cartridges once a year.  Fluoride only mid year. 

Extra Fluoride Cartridge  (change every six months)

Click this link to see a description and a short video on changing cartridges.


To see an FAQ, click on: Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information about drugs in the water, AND TO SEE A VIDEO, click on: Drugs in the Water and on Pharmaceutical Water .

Click here to learn about Water Filter Tests & Certifications.


Everything you need.

* Adapters so it fits your faucet
* Free fitted plastic wrench to make replacing filters easier


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