Countertop Water Filter FLUORIDE, CHLORAMINES

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TYPE OF FILTER: Kitchen Countertop Water Filter.  Fluoride Water Filter Plus. 

This is a 3-canister kitchen countertop water filter that attaches to your kitchen faucet, so no plumber is needed. This is the best Kitchen Countertop Water Filter that filters fluoride, if you also have chloramines in your water.  Also filters over 600 other contaminants.


Anyone can use this, because it simply screws onto the kitchen faucet (no plumbing involved). People in apartments more often get a countertop water filter system. This is a fluoride water filter for municipal water supplies that both fluoridates and adds ammonia to the chlorine, which changes chlorine to chloramine.

If your municipality uses chloramines at any time, this is the right filter.  It will filter chlorine too.  If you don’t have chloramine in your water, you don’t need to buy a filter to take it out.


Free Shipping. These are not ‘off-the-shelf’ filters. Each is assembled and air-tested on order.  The time line is normally a few to several business days, it varies.  We will email you with tracking info when your order ships.

We do not recommend one type of fluoride-filtering media over the other.  They are both good options.  Both are safe and do a good job.  Calcium-based carbon is also known as bone char.


Water flows freely through the filter materials, which remove contaminants. These filters are made from a variety of filter materials selected to address the issues with municipal water. Filtration happens in many different ways, including ‘pore opening’, magnetics, catalytic action using reduction-oxidation, electroplating, ion exchange, reshaping of hardness ions and adsorption. An environment harmful to bacteria, algae and fungus is created.

This unit delivers Multi-Stage Filtering:

  • One canister has a sediment filter, kdf formulated to remove chloramines, and a pound of catalytic carbon. Both media are optimized for chloramines.  CHANGE ONCE A YEAR. 
  • Another canister has a sediment filter and 1 1/2 pounds of activated alumina which effectively removes fluoride.  (Note: this is not aluminum!)  OR IF YOU PREFER, you can choose Calcium-based carbon to remove fluoride.  It is as effective.  CHANGE FLUORIDE WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE EVERY SIX MONTHS.
  • The third canister has two sediment filters, standard kdf to remove chlorine, heavy metals. other chemical contaminants like chemically-based pharmaceuticals, and a full pound of top-quality granulated coconut carbon for organic compounds including disinfection by-products, organic-based drugs, hormones and mtbe. This adds up to a great sweep of hundreds of contaminants across the categories.  CHANGE ONCE EVERY YEAR.

Water flow is excellent.

The diverter that comes with your order replaces the aerator screen at the end of your existing faucet. It  has adapters to connect to your faucet.  See the picture. There is a line out to the filter and a line back in. There’s a tab to pull when you want to divert the water through the filter. If you don’t pull the tab, the water isn’t filtered. Water, filtered or not, always flows out of the end of your faucet

Made in America


(for a chrome finish unit):  “Water tastes great and filter looks fabulous.” SJ, Virginia

(after changing filters the first time):  “It was a piece of cake to change the filters.” SS, W. Virginia

What is Filtered?

This 3-canister kitchen water filter is a fluoride water filter also designed to remove CHLORAMINES and the wide-range of other things you want to remove from your municipal water supply. Based on tests of these filter materials combined, these filters are likely to remove 96% or better of chloramine! This is a remarkable level of chloramines filtration not achieved by normal filters.

All materials have been tested and certified by the NSF.  See Certifications.

The materials in this filter are also formulated to take out disinfection by-products, mtbe, perchlorate, heavy metals like lead, chromium, sediment, pesticides, herbicides, algae, molds, hormones, scale, bad taste, odors and hundreds of contaminants.

To see a sample list of contaminants filtered in addition to chloramine and fluoride see,

What Is Filtered?.  enter your Ridgid part numbers in the search engine block

These are the right materials to work on each of the categories of contaminant. Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of copper-zinc. These have the right filter materials and more of it than others, (along with a patented process on the kdf) which results in more filtration.

More Info + Video


For more information AND A SHORT VIDEO about chloramines, click to this pageChloramine.

For more information about chloramine filters, see Chloramine Water Filters .

For more information about filtration and this type of filters, click on: Fluoride Water Filters .

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To see an FAQ, click on: Frequently Asked Questions.

Start here to learn about Water Filter Tests.

We do not recommend or sell reverse osmosis filters. If you want to understand why, click on Reverse Osmosis



Everything you need is included.

  • Canisters are secured together on a base
  • Friends of Water includes a free plastic wrench to make changing cartridges annually easier (no wrench with Chrome finish)
  • Diverter and adapters to assure it will fit your faucet

Made in America

* The entire unit is 4.5″ deep, 12″ high, and 15″ wide


Replacement Cartridges (click the links)

Fluoride, CR-1 and Standard Wide-Spectrum Cartridges Set (1x a year)

Fluoride Cartridge (mid-year)

Link to How to Change Filters:

3 reviews for Countertop Water Filter FLUORIDE, CHLORAMINES

  1. Sue Craig

    We have been using this countertop system for nearly 4 years now. We chose a countertop system because we are living in a rented premises, and will be able to take it with us when we leave. The canisters are easy to change and don’t take up a lot of room on the counter. We have them sitting behind our drain board. Service from Friends of Water has been accommodating and prompt. The only part that has failed after 4 years of continuous use is the tap diverter which is easily replaced.

  2. Ashley S

    We have been using this water filter system for 4 years and we absolutely love it. I had spent plenty of time researching the available filters on the market and finally decided this one looked like the best option. It’s wonderful having it connected directly to the sink and very easy to set up and use. The water immediately tasted VERY noticeably cleaner. It was better than any bottle of water I’d ever had and of course infinitely better than the nasty tap. I was very concerned about that, having tried other filters that didn’t change the taste much and I’m apparently picky about my water. We replace our filters once a year and it seems to be the perfect amount of time for us. I have no regrets or cons and would recommend this unit to anyone!

  3. Carol (verified owner)

    I chose this countertop filter for my rental apartment several years back and we have been satisfied. We have the chrome finish and it has kept shiny. Customer Service has been impeccable and the water seems cleaner. I was overwhelmed by options when I was searching for which filter to purchase and pleased to find the friends of water site which helped to clarify my confusion. Thank you!

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