4-CANISTER Kitchen Filter: Wide-spectrum plus 3 Specialty Cartridges

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For the most kitchen filtration.  Combine 2 2-canister filters.

Kitchen Filter with the most filtration and greatest flexibility for the future. (Cartridges are interchangeable.)

Under-sink 4-Canister Kitchen Filter.  Includes 1 wide-spectrum filter cartridge and 3 specialty cartridges. Please indicate the three cartridges you want in the comments field when you are checking out.  Please do select your choice for a faucet above.  We recommend an upgraded chrome or brushed nickel.

As more and more families are having problems, particularly with children’s sensitivities and allergies, the 4-canister kitchen filter has become useful.  So we have added it to the site as a standard item.  This item is actually two 2-canister filters strung together.

The last canister holds a wide-spectrum filter that works on over 600 contaminants across the categories of contaminant.  These include heavy metal, organic, chemical, pharmaceutical, odor and taste.

But there are some contaminants that are harder to filter that require a cartridge with the right media to target them.  The most common of these in municipal systems are chloramines (used in some municipalities as the disinfectant), fluoride (choose between 2 media), nitrates and arsenic.  While municipalities will almost always keep nitrates and arsenic within legal levels, nitrates can be dangerous for children, and we don’t think there is a safe level of arsenic.   (Maybe we’ve seen too many movies where people are slowly killed off by small amounts of arsenic in their drinks!) One option for fluoride filtration is Activated Alumina.  This is a safe and natural resin, not what is generally called aluminum, which is a highly-processed product that uses fluoride in manufacturing.  The other option is bone char, or calcium-based carbon.  If you are vegetarian, you will prefer Activated Alumina. Otherwise, either works very well.

Cartridge Options for canisters one through three:

  • Chloramines
  • Fluoride Activated Alumina
  • Fluoride Calcium-based Carbon (Bone Char)
  • Nitrates
  • Arsenic
  • Another Wide-Spectrum
  • Radiation

Please indicate the three cartridges you want to add in addition to a wide-spectrum filter when you are checking out.  Also, please select your choice for a faucet above.  

We can help you understand what is in your water and make recommendations about what is the right configuration for your water.  For kitchen filters that can be various combinations from one canister to four.  Email us at [email protected] and we’ll check what is in your municipal water.  People with wells should get their water tested and send us the test results.

For lots of information about contaminants, these filters, the filter materials, how these work, and certifications and test results, please look under the Education Tab above.

We will put the cartridges in the best order and let you know what that order is.

Any plumber, or someone who is good at plumbing, can install these filters.  It may take 30 – 40 minutes for this 4-canister under-sink kitchen filter.

2 reviews for 4-CANISTER Kitchen Filter: Wide-spectrum plus 3 Specialty Cartridges

  1. Kathryn

    Wonderful custom products – great tasting clean water! The company was great with installation questions and follow up. If you’re looking for a great filter system, excellent customer service and affordablility – you’ve found it here.

  2. NW

    I had the water purifier installed yesterday. The water is delicious and the flow of the water is very strong, which delights me. Thank you for selling me this filtration system. I’m very happy with it. (Sent by email.)

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