Water Filter Undercounter ARSENIC PLUS

$345.00 - $404.95 $309.00 - $359.95


Kitchen undercounter water filter used to remove arsenic, heavy metals, chemical and organic contaminants and sediment.

These filters have the best and the most filter material in a cartridge of this size, so that your filter does more and lasts longer.

REMOVES ARSENIC. Filters heavy metals like lead, bacteria, hormones, sediment, algae, molds, scale, chlorine, chlorination byproducts, bad taste, odors and hundreds of contaminants with a combination of the highest quality copper-zinc kdf and granulated coconut carbon filtering. Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of copper-zinc.

Has a faucet that runs through the opening in your sink. You have the option to upgrade the faucet, and we recommend that you do.

Cal from California was unable to get his water approved due to high arsenic, until he put in one of these filters. Then the inspector okay’d his water.

The best-of-all-worlds filtering – take out the bad, leave healthy trace elements .

Email us your well water test results if you would like some help to determine the right filter for your water conditions.

Comes with AR-1 arsenic filter and wide-spectrum KR101N cartridge. Change filters once a year in most circumstances.

To see a list of contaminants filtered in addition to arsenic, see What Is Filtered?

The size is 5″ tall x 11.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep. The bracket adds 2″ in height.


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