Replacement SET for Arsenic, Fluoride, Wide-Spectrum

$219.85 - $239.95 $209.00 - $219.95

Replacement SET for Arsenic, Fluoride, Wide-Spectrum for 3-canister multi-stage filter.

Change the full set once a year.  Calcium-based carbon and activated alumina both work well.  If you are vegetarian, you may prefer activated alumina, as calcium-based carbon is also known as bone char.

Also choose the standard wide-spectrum filter cartridge, or the standard plus cyst and plastic microfiber fiber with 1 micron absolute filtration.

Read our blog to learn about micro-fibers in the water.   Reports are showing tiny plastic fibers in our water all over.

Also, mid-year, change the fluoride cartridge only.  Click the link to go to that item.  We recommend getting the added fluoride cartridge with your annual order.  You save on shipping and have the cartridge on hand for the mid-year change.


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