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Inline Fridge Filter.  Install outside your fridge.

This is an excellent inline FLUORIDE & CHLORAMINE & CHLORINE-removing fridge filter for your cold drinking water.  It also filters metals, organic compounds, chemicals and addresses odor and taste issues.

Look of HOUSINGS MAY VARY. Sometimes the housing used is clear, as in the photo.  At other times it is white.  The filtration provided is identical with both.

This inline refrigerator water filter will not fit inside your fridge. It is cut into the water line leading to your fridge by a plumber.  When it’s time to change filters, you can do it yourself. Unlike most of our filters, with the inline fridge filters you replace the entire thing.

Extra-sturdy housing can handle pressure spikes.

The media include kdf 85 (copper-zinc) and catalytic carbon, and 5D reticulated material.  Filters hundreds of contaminants across the categories of chemical, organic, and heavy metals.

Typically replace entire fridge filter every 9 to 12 months. Maximum usage is 500 gallons.  If  your family uses the fridge water a lot, change more frequently.


  • 13.5″ tall x 2.75″ diameter
  • 1/4 inch brass compression fittings
  • Uses KDF 55, KDF 85, GAC, and the patented 5D Foam media for fluoride reduction

You need to get a plumber to cut it into the water line to your fridge. This is a basic plumbing job.  Once installed, you do not need a plumber to change filters. To change filters, you turn off the water flow, screw the old one off and the new one on.

When it’s time, just reorder a complete filter.


  1. Staffan Gyllensten

    This filter is by far the best one one the market place period. My family and I drink the water and it tastes so pure, and the ice cubes in my fridge are totally clear. I am originally from Stockholm Sweden and fluoride has been banned from the public water systems there since the 1970’s declared toxic. The Germans during WWII added fluoride to the water in the death camps to suppress any uprising. Makes you wonder what fluoride does to the human body? Certainly not just preventive of cavities is it? I am so grateful that this filter is available in the US so my family is drinking safe water forever. Thank you so very much, Staffan in Las Vegas, NV

  2. Helen Cox (verified owner)

    This is a great filter; the water tastes great and the ice cubes are great too. Customer service is super excellent! All questions answered promptly. Love this company!

  3. Luke Timmons (verified owner)

    This fridge filter is excellent. We cut out a niche in the wall behind the fridge to make future replacements easy and in order to be able to keep the counter-depth fridge flush against the wall.

    Absolutely no chlorine smell or taste and the water tastes great. It’s nice knowing we’ve significantly cut down our fluoride intake as well. Highly recommended!

  4. Louis (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this fluoride/chlorine filter for a long time. I don’t like the recent change to plastic from brass on the compression fitting. I had difficulty stopping the replacement filter (with plastic fitting) from leaking. Ended up having to use Teflon tape on the plastic fitting which was never required with the previous brass fitting

    • Friends of Water (store manager)

      Hi Lewis, thank you for your 5-star rating and for your comments. Sorry to hear you had some leaking. Glad the plumber’s tape resolved the issue.
      It was necessary to make the switch to a Nylon fitting on these filters only. There were some customers over-tightening. The brass inlet/outlet fittings would bite in too far and cause cracking. With these filters, the fittings connect directly to the clear plastic, which is rigid and not flexible. We’ve not heard of others having leaks, so hopefully this won’t happen again for you or others. Thanks for being our customer since 2011! We really appreciate it.

  5. Su-Anne (verified owner)

    Please don’t ever stop selling this filter. The standard filters that are used in refrigerators don’t filter fluoride or chloramine. I use the refrigerator filter that goes inside the refrigerator (purchased from a box store) as well as this one. Before the addition of this one, the water smell and taste was of horrible mildew. With two filters, I get not only protection from fluoride and chloramine and more, but also smooth, good tasting water. The only disappointing thing is this filter used to be good for one year instead of six months.

    • Friends of Water (store manager)

      Hi, Thank you for the review. We really appreciate it. This filter works on both fluoride and chloramine, which are harder to filter than most contaminants.

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