Replace cartridges set for 3-Canister Xtra Protection FLUORIDE Chlorine

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If you have a 3-canister Extra Protection, FLUORIDE Chlorine PLUS unit from us, this is the bundle of the THREE replacement filters you need.

CHANGE THIS SET OF THREE ONCE A YEAR.  Or see below for alternative.

CHANGE THE FLUORIDE FILTER EVERY 6 MONTHS.  To get the ‘extra’ fluoride cartridge needed each year: Link to fluoride cartridge

The first cartridge in this system (as the water flows) is wide-spectrum Standard KR101N filter. The media includes kdf-55, granulated coconut carbon and sediment filters. This Wide-spectrum cartridge should be changed once a year.

The second cartridge is the Fluoride Cartridge. THE FLUORIDE CARTRIDGE SHOULD BE CHANGED EVERY 6 MONTHS.  We suggest that you add the “extra” single fluoride canister to your annual order so you have a full year supply.   Make your own choice about whether you prefer activated alumina or calcium-based carbon.  They both work very well.  We don’t recommend one over the other.  There are two good media for fluoride removal, so we give our customers the choice. If you are vegetarian, you will likely prefer activated alumina.

The third cartridge (last in line) is also a Wide-spectrum filter.  We recommend the standard plus microfiber filter,the KR-101A.  THE KR101A option does more.  KR101A adds microfiber and cyst filtration.  Click here for our blog on microfibersThis is another deep-filtering replacement filter cartridge.  The wide-spectrum cartridges filter a wide range of contaminants, including metals, chemical and organic-based.  For best filtration select the wide-spectrum with micro-fiber for the last canister.

Change cartridges:

  • first in line: KR101N:   12 months
  • second in line: FR-1 or BC-1:  6 months
  • third in line:  KR101A recommended:  12 months

Having two wide-spectrum filters doubles the amount of media to work on most contaminants.  This provides an extra level of protection for any surges of heavy metals, chemical, or organic contaminants.  KR101A adds microfiber and cyst filtration.  Click here for our blog on microfibers.

Change cartridges by unscrewing the canister (not the screws, the whole canister) by turning it counter-clockwise, which is the same as a pickle jar or light bulb or pretty much any other household item.  Just put them in in the same way as the ones you are taking out.

If you got your canisters from us, this are the right replacements for a three-canister Extra Protection, FLUORIDE Chlorine PLUS unit whether it is a Countertop or Under-counter unit.  

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  1. Timothy Allen (verified owner)

    Tastes great and easy to install. I am starting my second year with this water filter system and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Friends!

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