Replacement WIDE SPECTRUM water filter cartridge (KR-101A or KR-101N))

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Wide spectrum KR-101A or KR-101N.  KR-101A is recommended except for first in line or single-canister filters.

This is the wide-spectrum replacement filter cartridge filter for canister kitchen filters for all our countertop and undercounter water filters, regardless of the number of canisters.

Replace these filter cartridges once a year.

For a single canister filter or for first in line of a 2 or more canister system, we recommend the KR-101N.  For last in line in a 2 or more canister system, we suggest the KR-101A.

The filter cartridge contains copper-zinc and granulated carbon filtering media.  Filters chlorine and hundreds of other contaminants.  The Wide Spectrum Cartridges have the FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf, pre-washed granulated activated carbon and sediment filtration.

This filter will remove PFOAs.  This cartridge does not filter chloramine.


Standard Wide-spectrum Filter  with 5-micron sediment filtration  KR-101N

Standard Wide-spectrum Filter with filtration of cysts and microfibers included.  (1 micron absolute sediment filter)  KR-101A

Wide-spectrum cartridge with the addition of microfiber and cyst filtration is the same cartridge plus additional filtration of finer materials including small microfibers and cysts.  This option uses 1 micron absolute filtration. KR-101A

This KR-101A replacement filter cartridge filters water to 1 micron. This is fine enough to remove cysts.  This is an alternative to the KR-101N Standard wide-spectrum cartridge. This one-micron filter will remove particles 1 micron and larger with 99.99% removal. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter.

Click this link to our blog on microfibers. 

These fits all of our kitchen canister filters.


1 review for Replacement WIDE SPECTRUM water filter cartridge (KR-101A or KR-101N))

  1. Jess (verified owner)

    I have this under my kitchen sink. My city has clean water, not contaminated by industrial or agricultural chemicals, but there is a lot of chlorine in the water that makes it taste bad. I have this filter on the cold water line under the kitchen sink, so when I make fizzy water or coffee or tea it tastes good. I try to use the hot water tap for everything else to spare the filter and make it last a little longer, but it still needs to be replaced around every 7 months. I know it needs replacing when the water starts tasting like chlorine again.

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