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Replacement FLUORIDE-removing, drinking water filter for all our fluoride-removing kitchen canister filters.
You can choose either an activated alumina cartridge or the alternative calcium-based carbon cartridge.  We do not recommend one over the other.  They both are safe and work very well.   If you are vegetarian you may prefer Activated Alumina.

You should change the FLUORIDE cartridge for kitchen filters every six months.

FLUORIDE CARTRIDGE GOES SECOND TO LAST IN LINE AS THE WATER FLOWS.  So if you have a 2-canister unit, the fluoride cartridge goes first. If you have a 3-canister filter, it goes in the middle.

Change cartridges by unscrewing the canister (not the screws, the whole canister) by turning it counter-clockwise, which is the same as a pickle jar or lightbulb or pretty much any other household item.  For more information, click on this link for How to Change Cartridges.

If you got a fluoride-plus removal kitchen water filter from us, this is one of the replacement units for you. For more information, click on: Kitchen Water Filters


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