Replacement cartridges SET for 3-Canister HARDNESS, FLUORIDE PLUS

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One cartridge is wrong in the photo, but this is the right item!

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Photo not completely accurate and needs updating, but ….

If you have a 3-canister FLUORIDE, HARDNESS PLUS unit from us, this is the bundle of the THREE replacement filters you need.

NEW HOUSINGS FOR IMPROVED DURABILITY.  The individual photos show the new housings.  The ‘group’ photo isn’t yet updated.


  • The first cartridge (as the water flows) is a great new type of filter using TAC (Template Assisted Crystallization, called the TAC-1.  Change once a year.
  • The second cartridge removes fluoride, and has a sediment filter.  You can choose either the FR-1 with activated alumina or the BC-1, with calcium-based carbon.  We do not recommend one over the other.  Change fluoride cartridge every six months.
  • The third cartridge is the standard replacement filter cartridge filters (KR101N) that has 2 sediment filters and also contains copper-zinc kdf 55 and granulated carbon filtering media. It filters a wide range of contaminants, including chemical and organic-based, and heavy metals.  Change once a year. 
    • OR get the KR101A, which does all that plus plastic microfiber filtration.

The size of the filters is 3 1/16 across and 9 1/4 tall. If you got your canisters from us, this are the right replacements for a three-canister FLUORIDE, HARDNESS PLUS unit whether it is a Countertop or Undercounter unit.

Addresses the problems caused by hardness, while leaving healthy trace minerals.

  • Transforms hardness particles into nano particles, preventing scale build up & white spots on dishes
  • The beneficial minerals – calcium and magnesium, etc. – remain in the water!
  • Designed for use with municipal water and well water
  • We recommend replacing this cartridge once a year

The cartridges say ‘up’ to indicate the top side IN AN UNDERCOUNTER CANISTER. IN A COUNTERTOP UNIT, put the ‘up’ end into the base.


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