Replacement Kitchen Cartridge for RADIATION


Replacement filters to remove radiated contaminants from drinking water. Uses primarily ion exchange for both anionic and cationic cartridges. Also uses adsorption by carbon for iodine.

NEW IMPROVED Cartridge Casing FOR EVEN BETTER DURABILITY.  It looks a little different than previously.

Recommendation is to change cartridge every 6 to 12 months.  For regular low-level background radiation, once a year is sufficient.

You can use this to fit into any kitchen canister system you got from us. This means that in the event of an emergency, you can replace one, two or three cartridges from your existing system with these.

The size of the filter is 3 1/16 across and 9 1/4 tall.

If you got your canisters from us, this will fit.  Fits any kitchen two-canister or three-canister unit we sell.

If you bought a canister system elsewhere, you cannot use this cartridge in it, unless the shape and size are identical.

Contains 4 differnt media beds and several types of filter media to work on the range of radiated contaminants, plus sediment filters.


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