Replacement CHLORAMINE CR-1 kitchen filter cartridge

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Replacement CHLORAMINE kitchen filter cartridge

CHLORAMINES replacement filter cartridge for all our countertop and undercounter kitchen water filters designed to remove chloramines. Contains specially-formulated FOAM ADVANTAGE copper-zinc kdf-85 media –  and catalytic carbon.   Both kdf and carbon use versions of the media that are chloramine-filtering.  And they work together for optimal filtration of chloramine.  Also includes zeolite and 5 micron filter.  Zeolite offers greater efficacy with the removal of some organics that activated carbon is less effective adsorbing.  It also has shown promise for the removal of various radionuclides with its unique ion exchange properties.

This filter is also a wide-spectrum filter, working on hundreds of contaminants.

This filter uses kdf-85 which can be good for well water.  Good to remove hydrogen sulfide.

Replace once a year.

If you got your canisters from us, this is the right replacement for any two-canister chloramine-removing unit.


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