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February 10, 2015

We’re delighted to share the voice of Gary Griggs, from an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.  Gary clearly explains the costs – direct and indirect financial – and costs to the environment of bottled water.  It really is time that Americans stop this harmful waste.

Read this compelling paragraph: “We spent $11.8 billion on these cute little bottles in 2012, and drank on average about 30 gallons apiece. Depending upon where you might be, Costco or a sporting event, you can pay 50 cents to $3 for a pint bottle, or $4 to $24 a gallon, 4,000 to 24,000 times more than tap water. If you had to pay the same cost for a pint of gasoline as you pay for water at some snack counter, it would take almost $300 to fill a 12-gallon tank.” (Friends of Water has added the bolding.)   waterbottlesinrows-300x203

Here’s another:  “Most of the cost of bottled water is for its bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing and profit, and the Earth pays the price. In 2012, the 9.7 billion gallons of bottled water required about 35 million barrels of oil to produce the water and another nearly 60 million barrels to transport it.”

We’ve been sharing this message for the better part of a decade, but things haven’t improved.

Please, change your habits and add your voice to Gary’s and to our’s.

Read the entire Sentinel article by clicking here.

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