California Drought

Project Liquifying Aquifers

December 8, 2015

The Los Angeles River carries approximately 200 million gallons of runoff water each day into the Pacific Ocean. A young architect, Lujac Desautel has an idea to reuse this wasted water. He calls the project Liquifying Aquifers, which would involve building a 13-mile infrastructure along the L.A. river that could siphon and clean the water running through it.

One of Desautel ideas is to create a public swimming pool as a way to bring LA’s residents together, rather than continuing to build more and more separate pools. The other idea is to send the rest of the water to San Fernando Valley basin, which is an aquifer that supplies potable water to more than 800,000 people in the LA area.

According to WIRED.COM,  “Liquifying Aquifers would use a system of wells to divert water from the Tujunga Wash into a series of three concrete structures, each shaped like an inverted pyramid. That water is pretty gnarly—runoff from rain, sewage, factories, and lawns, parks, and golf courses. Desautel proposes using two of the pyramid pools to clean the water with plant-based biofilters.” Read more here.

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