Well Water Filters

TEST YOUR WATER and SEND US THE RESULTS to GET A RECOMMENDATION for a FILTER BUILT TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS.  Also, TELL US THE SIZE OF YOUR HOUSE AND NUMBER OF BATHS.  For well water, we have to have thorough testing, not tests for just a few things.  Water chemistry is complex.

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The best Well Water Filters for your house.  Our Whole House Water Filters can filter out iron, manganese, radon, arsenic. and other contaminants.

Testimonial: “Prior to having my “Friends of Water” systems, water purification was a source of anxiety for me. Maintenance and filter inventory was a constant nightmare. My “Friends of Water” system is a breeze and the the support Timothy provides is impeccable.”

Matthew Engelhart
Michael installed 2 customized Whole House Systems at his home and diary barn at Be Love Farm.

For more general information, please click on Water Filter FAQ.  You can also Check Water Filter Certificates and Lab Test Results

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  • Sale! Clairify Quantum Disinfection

    Quantum Disinfection Clairity Bundle

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  • Whole House Well Water Filter Iron

    Whole House Well Water Filter Iron

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  • Sale! Well Water Filter Iron

    Well Water Filter Iron, Manganese, Radon more

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  • Sale! Arsenic-Well-Water-Filter

    Arsenic Well Water Filter System

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  • Sale!

    Whole House Sediment Pre-filter 10 inch

    $124.90 - $134.90 $117.00 - $126.00
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  • Sale!

    Whole House Sediment Pre-filter 20 inch

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  • UV Light Water Filter

    UV Lamp for custom configuration well water systems

    $319.00 - $475.00 $319.00 - $475.00
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  • Placeholder

    Triple Bracket for 3 Sediment Filters

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  • Sale! Water Meter

    Water Meter

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