Arsenic Well Water Filter System


Suitable for some, but not for many.  You must send complete well water test results so we can be sure what configuration will work for your water.

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Whole House Arsenic Well Water Filter System

The capacity of the Arsenic Well Water Filter of both Arsenic III & V is 100,000 gallons at 10 ppb.

The only way we sell whole house well water filters is to have your well water test results analyzed so we can recommend the right solution for your situation.  This system and others shown are simply to indicate we have lots of well water solutions.  Send us  your water test results.

System Dimensions: 7 -3/4″ X 36″ X 24″
Individual Canister Dimensions: 7 3/4″ X 14″
Maximum flow rate: 12 gpm (that’s high!)
Easy to change cartridges

Bacteriostatic, prevents bio film, mold, bacteria & algae growth
All components & media are NSF Certified
10 year pro-rated warranty

Made in America

Free Shipping.

Test Reports with Detailed Metals Analysis Must Be Provided Prior to Purchasing this System.  Arsenic Filtration May Require Pre-Filtration Depending on Other Variables in the Water.  This may or may not be the best filter for your water.  It is an example of one of the filters we sell, based on a review of your water. 


Cartridges #1 and #2 contain our manufacturing partner’s proprietary 5D media.  This media has received the Water Quality Association Gold Label Certification. This is the only arsenic media that selects for both Arsenic III &  V.  It also removes other heavy metals that remain in your water. Testing by Universal Labs has confirmed that this arsenic removal cartridge dramatically out performs the competition, including Reverse Osmosis systems.

Cartridge #3 uses a combination of patented FOAM ADVANTAGE KDF-85 & a high-purity catalytic FOAM ADVANTAGE coconut shell carbon, along with micro-sediment filter membranes. This powerful wide-spectrum filter targets both inorganic and organic contaminants.  It leaves great tasting pure water.

How often you need to change filters is determined by the level of your arsenic vs. the capacity of the filters, as listed above.  We can estimate, but particularly the first year, you will want to get your water tested in advance of when our estimate suggests they will need to be changed.

Test Reports with Detailed Metals Analysis Must Be Provided Prior to Purchasing this System.  Arsenic Filtration may Require Pre-Filtration Depending on Other Variables in the Water.  

Please email us your well water test results.  Arsenic isn’t something to mess with.  We’ll work with you to make sure it is well-filtered to support the health of your family.   Email [email protected].


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