California Drought

NASA’s Satellite Systems show we’re all running out of water

June 20, 2015

BIG news!

The Washington Post article b on June 16 says, “more than half of Earth’s 37 largest aquifers are being depleted, according to gravitational data from the GRACE satellite system.”

What are aquifiers?

Large sources of fresh located undergound, which can provide water for millions of people

NASA’s high tech satellites can read the levels of these aquifiers under the earth’s surface, and NASA’s data shows a surprising decrease in many parts of the world.

Where are water-levels decreasing?

View the picture by The Washington Post.

Amazing test results show…

“21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers — in locations from India and China to the United States and France — have passed their sustainability tipping points, meaning more water was removed than replaced during the decade-long study period…”

Reliance on aquifiers creates long-term problems…

“NASA data was the first detailed assessment to demonstrate that major aquifers were indeed struggling to keep pace with demands from agriculture, growing populations, and industries such as mining.”

Read more about how California is currently depending on 60% of aquifiers

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