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Fog Water Collection

April 28, 2016

A new invention called CloudFisher, is a project designed to collect condensed fog and transport it into potable water for rural areas in southwest Morocco. A CloudFisher set up is a series of tall steel poles hung with rectangular black polymer nets built at an elevation of more than 4,000 feet. The CloudFisher harvests fog that blows across the Western Sahara from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The project organizers say that in a twenty-four hour period, a small CloudFisher can collect up to seventeen gallons of water per square yard of netting and be a good fog water collection option. Water-poor districts in North Africa would benefit immensely from such an invention. The New Yorker says:
According to the World Health Organization, a community [in Africa] requires about twenty gallons of water per person per day in order for its residents and their crops and livestock to thrive. Even a relatively small CloudFisher installation could provide a consistent water source for a group of rural families or a village. In a part of the world that is battling the progressive effects of continuous drought—exhaustion of wells, topsoil erosion, population loss as the land becomes inhospitable to agriculture—fog-water collection could be a life-altering adaptation. See the original article.

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