Drink More Water And Eat Less

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Drink More Water And Eat Less

April 11, 2016

A new study suggests that people who drink more water consume fewer calories, as well as eat less sugar, salt, and cholesterol, so new fitness mantra is Drink More Water And Eat Less

How so?

In the study, over 18,000 people were interviewed about how much water and food they consume on a daily basis. The results showed that the intake of water consumption correlated with a reduction in daily total energy intake. A decrease in salt, sodium, and cholesterol was also noted. See the study.

A summary of the study showed that there are two primary reasons for why people might feel less inclined to eat more if they drink water regularly.

First, water can substitute sugary beverages. Second, a belly full of water may satisfy a person’s urge to snack. Other studies have shown that water could help with weight-control, especially if consumed before meals.

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One percentage point increase in the proportion of daily plain water in total dietary water consumption was associated with a reduction in mean (95% confidence interval) daily total energy intake of 8.58 (7.87–9.29) kcal, energy intake from sugar‐sweetened beverages of 1.43 (1.27–1.59) kcal, energy intake from discretionary foods of 0.88 (0.44–1.32) kcal, total fat intake of 0.21 (0.17–0.25) g, saturated fat intake of 0.07 (0.06–0.09) g, sugar intake of 0.74 (0.67–0.82) g, sodium intake of 9.80 (8.20–11.39) mg and cholesterol intake of 0.88 (0.64–1.13) g. The effects of plain water intake on diet were similar across race/ethnicity, education attainment, income level and body weight status, whereas they were larger among males and young/middle‐aged adults than among females and older adults, respectively. Daily overall diet quality measured by the Healthy Eating Index‐2010 was not found to be associated with the proportion of daily plain water in total dietary water consumption.

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