California Drought

Sierra Nevada Snowpack At Its Lowest

September 18, 2015

Research shows that the snowfall in Sierra Nevada is at its record-lowest in over 500 years, and 2015 marked extreme conditions. Studies say that, “…global warming will reduce the amount of snow blanketing California mountains — a development that will reduce the state’s available water, even as its population continues to grow.”

State Environmentalists believe this is the largest water supply concern that California is facing. Because of the constant climate changes, rain that does fall won’t freeze into snow and will therefore flow into the ocean.

“Snowpack is a key factor in California’s water supply: In a normal year, melting Sierra Nevada snow provides the state with one-third of its water. Another third is pumped from underground aquifers, and the rest comes from rivers and reservoirs.”

Read more from The Los Angeles Times.

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