Nitrate, Fluoride, Chloramine, Chlorine Plus Fridge Filter Set of Two


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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE  Nitrate, Fluoride, Chloramine, Chlorine Plus wide-spectrum Fridge Filter Set of two.

Consists of two tube-shaped filters that are installed on the line to your fridge, not inside the fridge.  Nitrate filter first, then the ILFC-200.

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For the first installation, you need a plumber.  You don’t need a plumber to replace the filters.

This inline refrigerator water filter will not fit inside your fridge. It is cut into the water line leading to your fridge by a plumber.  When it’s time to change filters, you can do it yourself. Unlike most of our filters, with the inline fridge filters you replace the entire thing.

Extra-sturdy housing can handle pressure spikes.

In addition to nitrate-filtering resin, the media include kdf 85 (copper-zinc) and catalytic carbon, and 5D reticulated material.  Filters hundreds of contaminants across the categories of chemical, organic, and heavy metals.

Typically replace entire fridge filter every 9 to 12 months. Maximum usage is 500 gallons.  If  your family uses the fridge water a lot, change more frequently.


These are a custom item, assembled on order.



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