Kitchen Filter for Arsenic, Fluoride & Wide-Spectrum

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Kitchen Filter for Arsenic & Fluoride Plus Wide-Spectrum.

Free Shipping. These are not ‘off-the-shelf’ filters. Each order is assembled and air-tested on order.  The time line is normally a few business days, but it varies.

Options for fluoride removal are Calcium-based Carbon (Bone char) and Activated Aluminum.  If you are vegetarian, you probably want Activated Alumina (not aluminum). Otherwise, we don’t recommend one over the other.

Many people don’t think that there is any level arsenic in drinking water that is okay.

The primary risk from arsenic comes from ingestion.  Therefore this kitchen filter for arsenic plus addresses that risk.

Arsenic tends to be higher in water from ground sources like wells, over surface sources like lakes and reservoirs.  But we pay attention to levels of arsenic in municipalities, too.  There are studies that lead us to believe that the maximum amount allowed in the US of 10 ppb arsenic i too high.  This is especially true for pregnant women and for children.  Click here to see more info on Arsenic Risks.

This is a 3-canister under-sink kitchen filter for arsenic and much more.  We can also configure it as a counter-top filter.

This filter is the same as a Kitchen Fluoride Water Filter Chlorine Plus with the addition of a cartridge to filter arsenic.

Therefore filters 600 contaminants including chlorine, plus arsenic and fluoride.

Made in America


Learn more about arsenic in the water.

Learn more about fluoride in the water.



Everything you need.

  • Standard swiveling faucet with ‘run’ and ‘hold’ settings.  (Or optional upgrade)
  • Arsenic cartridge.  Change once a year on municipal water.
  • Fluoride cartridge. CHANGE EVERY 6 MONTHS
  • Wide-spectrum Standard (KR101N) cartridge.  Or the recommended Wide-spectrum with microfiber filtration.  (KR-101A)  CHANGE ONCE A YEAR
  • T adapter and 2 supply tubes
  • A plastic wrench to make changing cartridges easier


*  A standard swiveling faucet is included in the price.  You can upgrade for a chrome or brushed nickel faucet if you choose.

*  Choose activated alumina or calcium-based carbon (bone char) to filter fluoride.  This is a personal preference issue; they both work about the same.

  • The entire unit is 17.5 X 6.5 X 14.5.


Once a year, change all three cartridges:

Link to How to Change Kitchen Cartridges.

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