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India’s Water Crisis

March 9, 2016

India’s Water Crisis

New Delhi is experiencing severe issues accessing clean water. According to India’s Ministry of Urban Development, more than half of Delhi’s residents receive only three hours of running water each day. And even that supply is not guaranteed because the majority of water leaks out of pipes before it reaches homes.

CNN reported that 10 million people from India’s capital were without water for 24 hours due to protesters in the neighboring state of Haryana, who damaged the Munak canal, which supplies most of Delhi’s water. Those who could afford bottled water purchased it while others waited to to fill buckets from the trucks that brought water to the impacted neighborhoods. Most families are used to scrounging for water daily and finding barely enough to survive from tankers, bore wells, and community taps.

Besides access to water, cleanliness is the other major problem Delhi faces. According to the article by CNN,  the untreated waste from the city ends up in bodies of water, which supply the city with 330 million gallons of water per day, contaminating it.

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