Chloramine Shower Filters 

The technology in these shower filters uses a process-patented disk made of a combination of copper and zinc known as kdf.  The patented kdf disk is combined with also patent-processed carbon. The carbon in these shower filters is effective up to 115 to 120 degrees – well above shower temperatures.

The reason that this technology works (available since March 2013) while other shower filters don’t take out chloramine is that the added effectiveness of the foam kdf is able to break the bond between ammonia and chlorine – which make up chloramines – so that both kdf and the following carbon can far more easily remove them.  Learn more about the FOAM ADVANTAGE.

To get accurate test reading results for chloramine filtered by kdf, you must send your water sample to a professional lab using a color spectrometer, and tell them that the water was filtered by kdf.  Otherwise you will not get accurate readings. Learn more about chloramine.

  • These shower filters use the most efficient, longest lasting and lowest maintenance water filter media available. They work best because the foam copper-zinc kdf alloy has no pores that plug up, has no membranes to replace, and remains bacteriostatic (bacteria can’t breed).  You swap out the water filter disk once a year. The media is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and is recyclable.
  • Please note that through shipping, some copper-zinc powder sometimes loosens. If this happens, it won’t last long. You can soak and rinse them to clear it more quickly. But this won’t cause any harm to bathers.There is no maintenance required for the kdf copper-zinc filter, just swap it out the filter disk once a year.

Our Products/Showers Which Filter Chlorine and Chloramine

Check Kitchen Filter wih filter Chloramine


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